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The Card Method

Developed a bit by accident while suggesting things to a friend of mine, and refined into its current form by that friend, this method is surprisingly simple but shows a lot of promise for helping people bond with their companions without worrying about any of them feeling left out or forgotten.

In order to do this method, you could use-

Index cards

Slips of paper

A deck of playing cards you are willing to write on/ruin

Basically, anything that you can shuffle!

The method involves writing the names of your companions on the cards, one companion name per card. If you want to, you can also draw sigils for your companions and put those on their corresponding cards, or you could put stickers or similar imagery that you think your companions might like onto the cards as well.

Once you have made a card for each companion, gather all the cards up into a deck or a pile. Mentally reach out to your companions and ask them to help you draw their card if they want to spend time with you and they are free. Shuffle the cards any way you wish, until you feel you should stop. Sometimes a card might fall out of the deck, 'face' up so you can easily read the name- if that happens, take it as a sign that entity really wants to spend time with you at that moment! Otherwise, simply stop shuffling whenever you feel you should, and then draw a card to see who wishes to spend time with you.

This method is great for daily use, even if you only have a few minutes to spend with your companions. You can use it to quickly pick a companion to check in with, or you can use it to figure out which companion wants to help most with a particular situation you are in or an issue you are dealing with!

If you have a few moments and you want to really strengthen your bond with your beings, try asking the companion that makes themselves known to you through this method to share how they are feeling with you. They can transfer their feelings, or at least the energy of their feelings, to you and you can get a sense of how they are doing even if your communication skills are not the best. This technique can be especially helpful when it comes to beings who have a romantic interest in you, as the intensity and purity of their love is incredibly uplifting!

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