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Soul Deals and Why You Shouldn't Do Them

Throughout the metaphysical and mundane community, there is this concept of Soul Deals- You trade your soul with the devil and effortlessly gain many boons to your life. Many people attempt this every year, and each and every time it ends in ruin. I will tell you about one such time.

An individual emailed me seeking help. They were being tormented by an unbound, an unbound that said it was Lucifer, and they claimed to had made a soul deal with Lucifer- a deal he had not fulfilled. They were distressed that their deal had not been honored, and had tried to remove and redo the deal multiple times, with the help of multiple practitioners through the past weeks.

There was no easy way to tell them this...


I would like to apologize to you before you read this because I can almost guarantee that this is not going to be what you want to hear.

Lucifer does not make soul deals with humans whatsoever and has not for a very long time. Lucifer has no need for human souls. They are not nearly as valuable as people think. There are many demons and archdemons which DO make soul deals, but Lucifer is not one of them. Saying Lucifer needs human souls would be like saying the richest human in the world needs a 25 cent off coupon at the store. The level of worth is so far below him that he would not even consider it.

What has happened here is that you have not and possibly have never been talking to the real Lucifer, and this is just another entity tricking you. Particularly when humans seek soul deals, this is common, since entities know most humans cannot sense astrally very well, and would never be able to tell the difference.

Now please allow me to address the other portions of this situation-

Clearing soul deals. This is not easy to do and in fact many people would say that it can not be done. Whatever entity has tricked you and is technically the owner of your soul must be convinced by force or otherwise to release it. It is likely that as soon as you chose to give up your soul, energetic links and drains were placed on you so that your emotional energy could be farmed for use by the trickster. The good thing is, until your physical body dies, your soul is stuck inside of it. They can't literally rip your soul out of you, or take it right now, but they CAN cause you to suffer a terrible fate and then take it.

This situation is made more complex by the fact that you have tried to negate and remake these soul deals several times, and with other people helping. There is no guarantee that the entity that the practitioner talked to is the same entity that you talked to who actually took ownership of your soul when you bargained with it.

The fact is, if you DID make a real soul deal, you CANNOT change the terms after it was made. Any attempts to do so will just be ignored, because the original pledge you made to them has not been released by them. Once you enter into a soul contract, the owner of your soul must release your obligation, you cannot just decide "I dont want to anymore, I feel tricked, I want to change the deal." That is not how it works. This is why any practitioner worth their salt will tell you DO NOT EVER. EVER. DO SOUL DEALS!!! It is NEVER worth it.

Can it be undone? Maybe, it depends on who officially owns your soul now and if they can be negotiated with. I have checked and it surely is not Lucifer, the real Lucifer stationed in the capitol of Hell Realm proper.

In order to undo it, you will have to either buy it back from them through trade or offerings, or have someone, entity, practitioner, or otherwise, force the entity to give it up. The final option, you could just have someone kill this entity on the astral, if they are pretty weak.

Now the final portion of this, your wishes and desires and if they can be granted.

I have never been the type of practitioner to lie to people and tell them absolutely anything is attainable through magick. Anything is POSSIBLE, but there are limits to magick, even if you sold your soul for it. Just because you sold your soul, does not mean that the entity you sold it to has any ability to actually do the things they claimed they could for you.

I personally would never promise you that an entity could: Make you taller, make your penis bigger, make you incredibly wealthy, or make you incredibly attractive to others. Those things take a lot of time and a lot of energy to change. There are entities that can HELP with some of those things- for example, a Succubus might be able to help make your energy more attractive to women, but there is no magickal button or spell that will make these things happen overnight.

As far as changing your height or endowment, I have never seen anyone successfully perform a spell for this, and I have never seen an entity successfully change these things in a human. I am not a God, and I am not going to tell you that those things 100% can't happen, but I will say I think your hopes are misplaced. In my personal experience and opinion, there is no entity or deity with whom you could make a soul deal that would be able to do those things.

In my opinion the best course of action would be for you to focus on regaining ownership of your soul, whatever that takes. Your wishes and desires should really be second in your mind when it comes to this. It is true that you will not often notice if someone else owns your soul, but once they decide it is time to collect, once they decide they want your body to die so that they can cash in on your soul, you will start noticing it. The fact that you feel anger and hostility from them and even pains suggest that this entity has no patience for you, and is not going to treat you lightly.

Thank you

The individual emailed me back, and we worked on a plan of healing for them, first removing the harmful and negative energy links from their astral body and cleansing their chakras to try and treat the damage from this trickster entity. Unfortunately, in the end, this individual insisted upon making yet another Soul Deal after having been helped with this one. It is likely that they will get preyed upon by another trickster spirit. The symptoms they reported included being told to kill themselves, threatened with visions of Hell and torture, and being put down, all by an otherworldly voice in their head.

I shared this experience with a close friend, and even she was very puzzled by it. Indeed, if you signed a contract, whether your soul was payment or not, why wouldn't you get what was agreed upon? Is there an astral court? Are there rules for this sort of thing?

In a way, sure. But just like how people get scammed in the physical, lets say a contractor agrees to redo your roof for 10k and have it done in 2 months, but instead it takes 6 months, and he ends up bilking you for twice the cost. Is it illegal? sure, but how many people are gonna spend the time to fight it or sue? surprisingly not many, since places get away with this every day in every place on earth in every industry. This effect is amplified when its Humans dealing with a party they can barely sense let alone see or hear, unless you have spotless communications, you have no idea what you're truly agreeing to with the other party. In the astral realms particularly lower realms, there is a "You didn't ask" type attitude. Rather than having to explain everything to you- lets say, you trade your soul for a large sum of earthly money, but unknown to you they put in a stipulation that you only get that once you are too sick and weak to enjoy it- they would simply say, when you got upset, "But you didn't ask about that specific situation." and that is how they would get out of it. Because when you contract astrally, you ARE signing something, but they do NOT have to read it to you, and they can summarize it any way they please as long as they are not outright lying. If there is any way for your wish to be granted via their convoluted contract, then when you ask via pendulum, "will you grant my wish?" they will just say "yes" with no mention of any of the other stipulations they have put on you.

Reaching out aimlessly in the astral for Lucifer or some other named entity when your concept of them is wrong and you have no idea what to expect is just asking for someone to take advantage. Basically, you are in the astral chat room saying "Hello? Lucifer? Hello?" and then some random astral troll (that is not Lucifer) says "Hello, mortal" or some equally dark and edgy sounding shit, and then the human is like "ASERFKHEWRJFHRHGFJ ITS LUCIFER I WANNA SELL MY SOUL TO YOU" and the troll is like "Shit free soul, okay what do you want meatbag?"

The contract you agree to with such types will oftentimes be worded in such a way that they would almost never have to follow through on their end of the bargain, tons of loopholes for them, and even if you ever did fulfill their conditions there's no guarantee that entity is powerful enough to actually effect the Earthen realm. So no matter what, it's never worth it. The only entities you should ever ask for favors are ones you keep or otherwise have a close relationship with, and notice that no entity that I have ever sold has asked for offerings of human souls in return for favors. It's just not a thing that's really done among those in the astral with morals and good character. Unless I'm in Negation, where Soul Energy is refined and used as currency because its harvested passively from the air around them, I don't do business with any entity who's requested method of payment is souls.

There are reasons people tell you not to do Soul Deals. They never work out, people always regret them, and oftentimes they lead to exacerbating mental illness, hallucinations, depression, and possibly self harm, suicide, or harming others. It is never a good idea, no matter who and entity claims to be, or what they claim to be capable of.

Stay Safe

-Aurora <3

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