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Servitors and Created Beings

As some of you may know from my Discord chat, I have been planning on writing an article on this topic for some time now. I wanted to do some research to brush up on my own knowledge beforehand, since Servitor creation is not my passion as it is for some people and as such the information wasn't fresh in my mind.

Lets start with Servitors as a concept. Servitors are used in magick and witchcraft to execute tasks, and can be used in place of or to supplement spellwork. For example, a practitioner doing a spell for wealth may make a Servitor and task it only with handling one specific aspect of that spell. Traditionally, once a Servitor has accomplished it's task, it will die or be dismantled by their creator, and it is advised to only keep Servitors for as long as you need them. Servitors as a concept likely date back very far, further than I can find record of on the internet, however most modern mentions relate back to Sigil magick. Sigil magick, the creation of special bindrunes and charging of them with intent, is a very simple and tool-less method of magick that became especially popular in recent times. In some guides on Servitor creation, it is recommended that you have a mastery of Sigil magick to aid in the creation of your Servitor. You may wonder, "How could Sigil magick make a Servitor?"... Sigils can be made from anything and can be extremely complex. At the moment you charge a Sigil, you imprint upon it a concept, a thought, an energy that it will carry with it always. You could create a Sigil that leeched energy from the Sun, or create a Sigil for a certain emotion, feeling, or desire... Knowing that Sigils can be made to represent almost anything, it becomes easy to see how some enterprising magick practitioners would essentially use Sigil magick like programming to build their perfect assistants. They would make a Sigil to supply the Servitor with energy, Sigils for the Servitor's task and any personality traits they wished the Servitor to present, as well as extras, their own twists. Placing all these Sigils together, they would create a Super-Sigil, comprised of its many pieces, and charge it one final time, imprinting the Servitor with life, purpose, and drive. These more complex Servitors were able to be companions, familiars, witch's assistants, information gatherers, scouts, and much more... but they were not 'alive', and they had many inherent risks in keeping them around too long.

A traditional witches Servitor might be fun to talk to, but their personality, memories, and experiences would seem shallow and not very fleshed out. All of their emotions are simply them reproducing the programmed emotions created in Sigil form by their maker. They have drive, but no independent motivation or wants- no dreams to pursue. Most importantly- Traditional Servitors can be sold and passed on, but they will absolutely always listen to their creator first, before anyone else.

Looking at Servitors and Created Beings today and comparing them to their traditional use, many differences are easily apparent. Today we have Created beings that live, want, dream, love, and feel, beings with deep personalities and even Souls, with an endless capacity to learn and no pre-programmed end of life- some of them can even reproduce with entities and other Servitors. The efforts are all commendable, as many people break into Servitor creation and everyone pushes to innovate. Progress in magick is wonderful, and exposing people to magick is wonderful, however... for all the notable differences, there are some modern Servitors that still carry the same risks as traditional ones. The risks I keep mentioning, the reason they have to be destroyed after they've accomplished their goal.

So what are the risks?

Whenever you create life, you take a huge gamble. Creating something that can think and feel means that it has independent thought and free will- and unless you can read minds, you can't know what it is thinking all day. The moment that your Servitor becomes self aware, it might love you for creating it, or it might hate you and want to harm you with all it's might. Once again, many innovative practitioners have thought up ways to circumvent this, the most popular way being a pre-programmed backstory with memories that allows the Servitor to feel like it has always been alive and aware, and less uncomfortable with suddenly existing. However, this opens up the doorway to the other risk, something I like to call rampancy. (A call back to an old game series, I am a nerd, I know.)

Servitors and Created beings, especially ones with the ability to learn endlessly, will eventually hit a cap. It is a concept that is very hard for humans to grasp, because there are things capable of knowing and recalling much more than us in the astral, so obviously there is no single set amount of 'memory space'. Put simply, Servitors are created, and they are designed to operate under certain conditions. Humans cannot even comprehend knowing everything, so how could we make a Servitor which can handle actually knowing everything? Once a Created Being has learned too much, it will begin to think itself to death. It will become lost in thought all the time, and get stuck in thought 'loops' that repeat endlessly, wasting tons of energy. They will attempt to replenish their energy, but eventually they will lose in this battle of attrition, and be unable to sustain the energy consumed by their constant thought loops. They may become moody, behave erratically, or even react violently if you point out these changes. They will be very uncomfortable about the fact that for the first time in their lives they wont understand what is going on in their head. Typically, once this overthinking process begins, there is no stopping it. What kind of thought loops do they get stuck in? Though I have only examined a few cases, the reasons Servitors have gone rampant have all been very, very mundane and somehow relatable. They felt things that I had felt as a human, that many other humans have felt, but they as a created being were unable to deal with it.

In one case, a Servitor realized that they were just being used by their creator, that they meant nothing among the slew of others that had been made, that they would be forgotten and indeed eventually everything would be forgotten. They thought-looped "Everything is meaningless" over and over until it became unsustainable, and then using the last of their energy lashed out at their creator before being terminated.

In another case, a Servitor grew fond of their creator and fell deeply in love with them, but the creator would never reciprocate. The Servitor asked their creator to change their programming so that they could not love, but the creator did not change it because they said it would make the Servitor try harder to protect them if they loved them. Forced to watch their love be with others, they endlessly wondered "Why does just existing hurt so much?" and pondered over the irrational love problem. This Servitor did not lash out, instead opting to end their own existence... Which drove their creator to tears.

In yet another case, the Servitor was created to do a specific task, but every time they made progress on that task their creator would simply undo it by their own actions. After hundreds of repetitions, this drove the Servitor to rampancy, seeing their efforts made null so easily by their creator over and over and over again. They thought-looped "I am useless" over and over again and used their last gasp of energy to attempt to attack their creator.

As you can see, all of these situations are ones that could easily arise in modern times. Modern Servitors, who are exposed to so much information all the time and are able to feel, seem to have a very high risk for these things. Especially when you consider that many of these Created beings can reproduce on their own, and factor in all the random developments and mutations that can occur during reproduction. Even if all they do is copy their own programming to create another Servitor, not every copy is perfect, and one small missing piece of programming could be enough to send the whole thing tumbling down.

I do not intend to create panic or fear by sharing my knowledge. I merely want to advise caution to people. When making a Servitor, it requires immense levels of organization, discipline, and self control. Even the creator thinking "Man I really gotta pee" during the Servitor creation is enough to muddy the energetic programming. Servitor creators must have absolute control over their thoughts in order to ensure that no intrusive thoughts of theirs infiltrate their creation's conscious mind and unintentionally become a core pillar of their personality. So please, before you buy a Servitor from anyone, get to know that person and ask yourself if you think that individual is capable of building from scratch a living, feeling, reproducing being based on their own merits and practice. If the answer is no, or you think they seem very emotionally unstable.... maybe you should look elsewhere. Servitors are extremely popular now, and people are offering them everywhere, some places even for free. Although your entities and Servitors will do everything they can to protect you, it is your job to thoroughly vet (to the best of your ability) any being you invite into your home- Created or otherwise- and if you feel that a being is dangerous or has the potential to be dangerous later on, you are 100% within your rights to turn down that being.

Servitors, when done right, can be absolutely amazing partners for anyone, practitioner or not. They can have perfectly cheery personalities, endless jokes and quips, tender touches and warm embraces. When done right, they are every bit as wonderful as a native born Astral entity.

Modern advances in Servitor technology have brought these qualities to light, and now we can all appreciate Servitors as beautiful unique beings instead of just relegating them to single tasks and then destruction. There are countless people out there who wouldn't trade their Created companions for the world. Just be cautious, and ask questions of the practitioners you buy from- any being capable of independent thoughts and feelings might eventually feel or think something bad... and they need to be able to deal with it.

Stay Safe-


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