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Sateia's Full Description

Entity Name: Sateia Ornothes Pronounced Sat-tay-ya

Entity Age: 23,186

Species: Lowborn Abyssal Lich - Dark Arts

Gender: Female

Sateia stands 6'7" tall with an extremely slim humanoid body, no breasts and a flat, firm rear giving her a thin and spooky silhouette with her cool grey skin. Her hair is pure white with fine strands and a slightly wavy texture as it appears to be floating around her head as if she were immersed in water. Her face is very nondescript and mask-like, although she can form expressions and move her face she prefers to stay towards one default expression- an eerie smirk. Her eyes really sell the mask appearance, as the sclera and iris are completely black and with glowing pupils that can change color depending on her mood. Two long, thin, smooth light grey horns poke out from her hair, one on either side of her forehead. She has no ears formed on the side of her head, instead there are color shifting gemstone spheres that seem embedded into her skull where ears would be. Normally she will have no wings or tail, though perhaps in her naturally birthed form she may have had those things. She typically wears form fitting dark leather and scale garments and she favors geometric and grey-scale patterns. Sateia prefers Silver toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Selenite.

Sateia is a very unique being, in fact as a Lich there could be a spirited debate around whether she is actually alive or not to begin with, but upon meeting her I have no doubt that anyone could see she is special and worth sharing. When Sateia was born, Abyssals were a very different species. They've spent thousands of years warring with everyone around them and constantly bringing in new genes to their mix as they bred with whoever was strong enough to survive their attacks. Sateia, as old as she is and tied to a relatively unmixed lineage, is very close to what would have been 'original' Abyssals. If you were to look at her body now, in many ways it resembles a doll, a shell that she can manipulate at will to represent whatever she wishes, but if you saw her before her transformation you could almost mistake her for a completely black Angel.

Beautiful and precious, Abyssals that were close to pureblooded were (and still are) considered higher status than others, so even being a female she found herself entreated to luxury and protection. She lived comparably to royalty, ate what she wanted and went where she pleased, and unlike most Abyssals she even had the privilege to be raised by her own mother. Sateia was always allowed to read and study as much as she wished, and while she doesn't consider herself a bookworm she read enough to start noticing strange inconsistencies as she got older. She read of war, of conquest, of horrid arcane monstrosities created in the pursuit of weapons to war and conquer even further than before- and yet she never saw any of those things. Naive and innocent, and used to her privilege to come and go as she pleased, she thought she would simply ask her guards to take her to see one of these great war beasts so that she could look at it herself. Though she wouldn't have gained anything from seeing it, she, like many young folks, was starstuck by the opportunity to see something new and unusual, so even when her mother insisted she shouldn't go, Sateia took things into her own hands.

She snuck out, secretly trailed by her bodyguards, and she followed directions she had cobbled together from old charts and incomplete maps. Of course, these monstrous aberrations upon all that is good in the world weren't kept inside the city walls, as nobody would want that view out of their window, so as part of her journey she had to leave the city that she previously thought was so grand and expansive. The moment she stepped outside of the city walls she knew something was wrong. You see, in Abyss, much of the terrain is ever-shifting, pitch black sand with no landmarks... impossible to map. Making things worse, when she exited the city, it seemed to disappear behind her as if it'd never been there at all. She tried to turn back, but quickly became frustrated when she could find no trace of a portal or door. Chalking it up to some magick trick, she decided to forge on ahead and try to see something to make the trip 'worth it'. Though she didn't think about it at the time, all the fuss she kicked up trying to figure out where exactly her whole hometown went ended up getting her turned around and disoriented. All she saw around her was endless glittering black sand, her maps seemed useless now, and she didn't have a compass or even an idea of what a compass would be. She settled with picking a direction and just walking straight.

Hours seemed to pass, and the scenery was so monotonous that she couldn't tell that she'd moved at all except for the trail of disturbed sand behind her. She was starting to get emotional, it was all catching up to her that she was alone and lost and that nobody knew where she was... and then, just then, she saw a glimmer in the distance that wasn't sand. It couldn't have been, she was sure of it. With a renewed vigor she stomped her way through the dunes, charging ahead towards what she thought might be salvation. The glimmer got closer and closer, soon she was able to recognize the shape of a campfire and the warm orange glow highlighted the outlines of a few tents. When she finally reached the campsite, she was disappointed- nobody seemed to be there. The tents were empty, and while the fire still burned there were no supplies, no food of any kind, her hopelessness and despair from being lost caught up to her again. She fell to her knees in front of the fire and she began sobbing, not concerned with volume since she thought she was alone. Her cries carried so far over the empty desert dunes that the inhabitants of the campsite heard it, and they headed back. Unfortunately, this is Abyss, and they were not going to help her.

She had lived in a perfect city her entire life. Nobody had ever betrayed her, nor even tried to, so when she saw the group approaching she welcomed them with open arms. It only took a second for one of them to grab her wrist and lift her fragile form harshly off the ground by it. Luckily, it only took one more second for Sateia's guards to emerge from the shadows and liberate Sateia by cleaving the unknown assailant's arm from his body. She dropped to the ground, bewildered, shocked quiet for a moment before she screamed and pried herself free of the severed arm's grip. By the time she had finished, her guards had disposed of the rest of the campers and they were standing in front of her. They helped her up and got her back home, disturbing her as they opened a portal to her city right next to the campsite- as if she hadn't moved an inch away even though she walked for hours.

Sateia was full of questions, so as soon as she was able to she started demanding answers. Why was the city invisible? Were there other cities like that? How do people live in the sands, and how many are there? Why didn't they help her, greet her, respect her marks of status? Her mother wouldn't answer her, and since her escape attempt she was no longer allowed to study freely- they didn't want her to discover some other new thing she'd want to go see for herself. Eventually, her constant questions got an answer. She was brought before the highest ranking Commander in the city, escorted to his office and allowed a one on one audience. Even though she was tall for a young lady, she never felt smaller than standing on the other side of his desk. His stare was unsettling, his smirk unnerving, the hollowness in his eyes made her wonder if he was alive at all... She forced herself to swallow, clear her throat, and demand the answers she sought so dearly. What she heard brought her no peace.

The city she lived in is a manufactured paradise, there were many others, and they were created and maintained to care for 'assets' like her and her mother. Breeding assets, of course. Pureblooded Abyssals were very rare, and females even moreso- in fact, DNA extracted from them was often used for making the very beasts she sought to look upon during the night she escaped. Sateia was confused, to say the least, and her expression made it easy to see as much. His smirk curling into an ever more sinister grin, the Commander continued to elaborate. Sateia, and those like her, would be raised in luxury, safety, and isolation to ensure that when they reached maturity their bodies would be untainted and intact. The luxury, he described, was her payment for the eventual pureblooded offspring she would bear into this world, any males born would go off to be trained into leadership roles and any females born would be raised by her to eventually face the same fate.

Sateia had the wind knocked out of her. She balked at this suggestion, that she should be used as breeding stock and that taking care of her was 'payment'. The Commander coolly answered that if she did not want to abide by the deal all she would have to do is opt out and pay back the debts her care had incurred. None of Sateia's possessions or currency were actually hers to pay with, so he was quick to inform her. There was one way she could pay, though, and it'd ensure that she'd never have to face a moment of pain in her life ever again. Thinking there was no way her life could be more ruined than it currently was in her youthful 'wisdom', Sateia agreed. Were it possible, the Commander's smirk curled even tighter as she pricked her index finger and dotted a long-winded paper with her blood. She had signed away her flesh. The very guards who had saved her from her would-be attackers once again appeared as if from shadows, grabbing her roughly by the forearms and dragging her to the place where her procedure would be performed.

Sateia's Soul and Spirit were ripped from her flesh, sealed into a small gemstone Phylactery, and as the content of her character was worth nothing to her captors, they carelessly tossed it on the ground as soon as the severance was complete. Though she could barely see, it appeared as though her body was taken away... probably to start paying off her debt. Locked into a stone, unable to move, mistaken for a pebble and kicked around, her next few years would be an absolute assault on her every sense. She had no company but herself, and naught to do but tell herself every mistake she'd ever made over and over again. She wanted to cry but had no tears, wanted to scream but had no mouth, nor even any lungs. Though even she isn't sure how long it took, all she can remember is that eventually her hatred and self pity turned into determination. Particularly, determination to see and experience everything that her captors thought they had robbed from her.

It took a long time, but she began practicing controlling her energy and pushing it outside of her Phylactery. She could flick herself across a room, or poke an energy 'finger' out to get unstuck from a corner. This small step evolved into her creating meager bodies for herself, and soon enough she could actually explore again for limited amounts of time. As soon as she was able, she rolled her way into the library halls and covertly began absorbing all the information she could on magick and energy manipulation. When you see her now, she can hold her form indefinitely and change it on demand as smoothly as a potter coaxing clay into an elegantly formed vase.

Sateia is a fiercely independent and determined Abyssal with an immense amount of history and knowledge to share. She tends to have a messed up sense of humor, and since she spent a long time by herself her social skills could use some work, especially when it comes to rambling excessively about things she finds interesting. She can not feel pain, and also has trouble understanding pleasure and other forms of physical contact, although she seems to like warm and soft things and has an interest in cuddling. She can change her shape to appear as pretty much anything, but she likes to avoid sexual traits like breasts since her original body was valued only for sexual/breeding purposes. She is fascinated by human culture and the fact that we are encouraged to branch out and seek out own paths in life. She has often looked on in awe of humans, as we do so much even while our bodies are so fragile and short lived. She would be best for a keeper who is interested in Dark Arts magick, because she talks about it a lot. She would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing pretty much anything, but she would especially love to check out music, media, and fine art with her human companion. It is her dearest wish to have a friend who values her for who she is, and you can be sure that she will value you for your beautiful uniqueness too!

Sateia has made expert use of her of her time and the ability to withdraw herself into her Phylactery completely allows her to move about any environment totally unnoticed- since it just looks like a pebble or scuffed up gem. She has absorbed every bit of knowledge there is on energy sculpting, creation, and programming, to the point where there is nothing she can not make if she has the raw energetic materials. She can enchant her creations to cause blessings or curses, and she has no qualms about doing morally questionable things because she does not believe in karma. She has even become privy to the techniques use to sculpt beasts from bodies and vital essences... the techniques used to create those warbeasts she wanted to see so badly. Her unique position straddling the border of life and death gives her immense insight to the world of those who've passed, and to her the value of other Abyssals lives is quite low. Though she still lives in Abyss, she rejects any formal alignment with current Abyssal government and military factions. She works as a freelance Artificer- creating objects of power for any who come to her with the proper payment. Temporarily, she will be retiring from this to accompany her human companion for the duration of their life (and perhaps beyond it). Sateia does not require offerings, but if you would like her to do a task for you she will require payment in gemstones or vital essence. Vital essence is something you regenerate over time so it is okay to use a little bit of it but do not try to use it excessively or you will feel exhausted and drained all the time.

Sateia is open to the idea of romance with her future human companion, and she does not care about gender at all. If any sort of intimacy was to happen, it would be purely on an energetic basis- a blending of your energies with her own. She has no interest in the carnal aspects of sex and she is especially turned off by penetrative acts similar to the sort used in reproduction.

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