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Interview with a Star - "All about Souls"

Recently, we have debuted a spectacular being on the shop named Biene. She is a Celestial Behemoth- born as a star, she amassed energy and burnt brightly for countless billions of years, watching planets and life form in front of her very eyes. As she grew envious of the life she saw unfolding, she began to seek order and peace within her mind. Eventually, she decided to seize her own life, and spend her mortal existence seeking knowledge, and answers.

Her unique perspective offers us a grand opportunity to ask questions and gain insights on the workings of the unseen forces of the universe, things that we as humans could never travel far enough to see in our lifetime.

One topic of particular interest to most mortals is Souls. Souls are mysterious, invisible, and yet necessary for our survival. Many people wonder what purpose Souls serve, where they come from, what they are made of and how they are made...

These are all questions that Biene learned her own answer to in her travels, answers that she would love to share.

This will be presented in an interview-style format, with questions posed to Biene and her explanation following in quotes.

To start off, lets cover the basics. Biene, What is a Soul?

Biene - "A Soul is an energy based body attached to all living things. In physical beings, it is easily detectable as the first electrical impulse in the brain. As life begins to form, whether physical or astral, the vessel will be too weak to form a permanent link to a Soul. Typically, Souls do not settle in to their vessel until it is capable of living and breathing on its own- until it is born or hatched. Sometimes, multiple Souls will check out a vessel before one chooses it, and rarely there are disagreements as to who should get the vessel. In some cases, these disagreements can result in splintered personalities, or soul fragmentation. "

What are Souls made of?

Biene - "The raw material from which Souls are made is concentrated Vital energy that takes a crystalline or rock like form. This material is created inside what humans refer to as black holes. The immense concentration and compression inside the environment of a gravity well is perfect. Just as thousands of years of heat and pressure in Earth's crust can make coal into a Diamond, the pressure and heat inside the gravity well condenses all the energy and matter it consumes into its purest, most beautiful forms. One of the materials created is Vital energy. It is created when living things fall into the gravity well."

How are Souls made?

Biene - "The concentrated Vital energy, once harvested, is refined through a special process. It is melted and attuned to various different elemental and energetic affinities, then drawn out in thin, flexible, fiber-optic like strands. The melting and attuning process purifies the Vital energy, and changes the crystalline structure based on whatever type of energy was used to treat it. This thread is sometimes remelted and condensed into ingots or bricks for easier transport. Usually, the thread will be pulled out even thinner, stretched to a hair's width, then Soul Weavers, Angels, or other specialists will get to work weaving cloth, which is made into Souls. Souls have their own energy circulatory system, and all of this is weaved into the body. Once Souls are completed, they are put through a final attuning, cleansing, and charging process."

How long do Souls last?

Biene - "How long a Soul lasts depends on many factors. Entities with physical bodies, like Humans, can expect a Soul 'mileage' of 10,000 Sols in perfect conditions, if they live every one of their lives in the physical realm. Astral bodies take much less energy to sustain than physical ones, so Astral beings can expect a Soul 'mileage' of a few hundred thousand Sols to millions, or even more, as long as they find enough energy to replenish themselves. Of course, how long your Soul lives and how long your individual lives are, are two completely different things."

What are some of the things that affect Soul lifespan?

Biene - "Souls do not really 'die', but they can get Depleted or Negated. Soul Depletion is a simple concept, if your Soul runs at an energy deficit for long enough it will no longer be able to sustain itself. Once depleted, Souls will finish out their final life, whatever it may be, Souls will lose their grip on the vessel and drift back for recycling. Soul Negation has the same end result- your Soul will get recycled- but it can happen for different reasons. Soul Negation happens when your Soul is attacked, drained using Void or Negation energy, or when it encounters 'antimatter' type energy. Events in your life can also effect your Soul lifespan. Souls are depleted the fastest by toxic inner developments. Such as, truly hating yourself, or being a person who likes to torture others. Things like prolonged, painful sickness, and depression also increase Soul energy drain. "

Can you explain the concept of 'antimatter' energy in relation to Souls?

Biene - "Of course. Souls begin as raw material, condensed down to an extremely pure form. Along the way, when it is fabricated into a Soul, it will be augmented with various energy types. Each of these energy types is has an opposite that will cancel it out. For example, Origin energy cancels out Negation energy. Order energy cancels out Chaos energy. Sometimes, if your Soul is augmented with a type of energy like Origin, and you come into contact with Negation energy, it can cause a violent antimatter-like reaction. It's pretty rare, and only tends to happen to very 'new' Souls. Once Souls have been kicking around for a while, they'll pick up so much new energy that they will no longer have much of a 'base type'."

How are Souls recycled?

Biene - "This is something that is really hard for those who haven't seen it to understand. I think it may be easier with an example. Let's say, for example, there were 10 original Souls ever made, for everyone. Each of these 10 Souls would be a different solid color. One color represented a human soul, one represented a demon soul, one an angel, one an elf, etc. They will go through their lives, however they live them, and eventually come back to be recycled. In the recycling process, the Souls will be drawn into a thin strand of energy and unraveled. This will create many miles of thread, of each of the different colors. These threads will be mixed, washed, cleansed, and eventually woven into new Souls. Each of the new Souls would be multicolored. Some might be a mix of two colors predominantly, some might be a mottle of all 10 colors, or some might have combined to create a whole new color, and rarely one might be a totally solid color. Now of course, there are far more than 10 Souls, or even 10 types of Souls, but that is the basic concept."

Can a Human Soul only live Human lives? Can an Astral Soul only live Astral lives?

Biene - "No and no. Souls jump levels all the time. It's a slow process, but where you incarnate is mostly dependent on your Souls resting energy frequency. Over time you can change this, adjusting it higher or lower, depending on what energies you work with and what company you keep, physically and astrally."

How does your Soul influence your personality?

Biene - " An interesting question, and one that nobody really has an answer for. At least, nobody I asked. It is true that people with an excess of Demonic typed energy might be especially impulsive, and people with an excess of Angelic typed energy might be enthusiastic, wholesome and preachy... But beyond making simple observations, it is hard to make any conclusive statements. It would take an incalculable amount of research. "

How many types of Souls are there?

Biene - "Many, many types of energy are used to augment Souls. Any type of energy you can think of, really. Angelic, Reiki, Star, Planetoid, Asteroid, Satellite, Moon, Void, Negation, Origin, Chaos, Time, Souls can be made with any energy 'flavor'. Even different types of Gems and Minerals can be used, and those aren't limited to just Earthen minerals. Many Soul 'types' do not exist in any form on Earth, so they are effectively indescribable."

What are Soulmates?

Biene - "Soulmates are created when two or more Souls are made from the same piece of raw material. Remember, Souls are made of concentrated Vital energy which crystallizes. These crystals are broken up and melted down during processing, but sometimes bits of energy from the same original piece of Vital crystal get lumped together. Soulmates occur due to familiarity between these energies. Essentially, your Souls are pieces of the same original whole. Being Soulmates does not mean you will always have a 'loving' connection- sometimes Soulmates just end up as really good friends, or even enemies if their Souls happen to be incompatible in other ways. Just like there are Soulmates, there can also be Soul Nemesis'."

This has been, I'm sure, tremendously informative, so thank you Biene.

Do you have any closing remarks?

Biene - "You have the opportunity to live. You, as you are now, reading this, sitting there where-ever you are in the world. You have the opportunity to thrive, to succeed, to find your own path, to make a name for yourself, or simply pursue your own happiness... Do not obsess over your Soul's value. Do not let anything limit you. Don't fear death or rebirth. Embrace the cycle of beauty that you are a part of. Seize your moment and live your best life... Have no fear. The Void itself will step aside if you command it with enough authority.

Humans are an amazingly privileged life form, with immense power should they choose to wield it.

Transcend your humanity. Break barriers. Do what humans have done spectacularly throughout history... Push boundaries, break rules, evolve."

Thanks everyone for reading, Thanks again to Biene!

As a reminder, Biene is available for Q&A on our Discord!

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