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Going to Third Parties to Communicate with your Entities is a BAD IDEA! Here is why...

I would like to start off by saying, I am not intending to cast shade on any particular person. This post is the result of multiple events over the past few months where customers of mine have attempted to have a third party channel their entity for them, and they were told incorrect information, then negative things resulted from being told that wrong info. There are certainly many people out there capable of accurately communicating with entities, but sometimes people may have ulterior motives. This is especially true when you go to another seller to try and communicate with a different seller's beings.

Even in the case where the person channeling for you is not a seller, they may not be as well versed in dealing with a particular species or alignment of entity, so despite their best efforts they may not be 100% accurate. I have seen some third party channelers who are very accurate sometimes, but totally inaccurate other times, which makes it difficult for the keeper to discern which parts are correct and which are not. In the worst case scenario, I have seen other sellers claiming to channel my beings for people outright making stuff up, or lying, even about the species of the being and nature of their binding.

Due to there being so many issues of this nature, I am going to outright discourage this practice. In the best of cases, they may not be right all the time, and since people usually seek this service when they themselves cannot see or hear their entities, there is no way for the keeper to know if something the channeler says is wrong. Also, despite some people offering warnings that channeling is just for fun and not to be taken seriously, it often gets taken as gospel.

In my case particularly, I work with multiple odd, rare, and unusual species. Many other sellers and channelers will incorrectly place the species of my conjures, simply because they are not familiar with them. Some other sellers or channelers also use different classifications than I do, and so what I consider a Demon (because it is from Hell Realm) they might consider Angelic (if their energy is light in nature). This can lead to a lot of confusion and stress for keepers who cannot feel their beings, as they begin to doubt the original conjurer and doubt everything written in the description.

In many cases, these situations take a bad turn. Sometimes a well meaning keeper, who just wants to talk to their entities, keeps looking and looking for someone willing to channel for them. Eventually they find someone, and they are so ecstatic to finally talk with their entities that they just believe in them completely. I have seen people mislead to the point of attempting to unbind their entities, so even if you are one of the lucky ones who has a truly good-natured, trustworthy channeler, you are the exception- not the rule.

For anyone who has trouble communicating with their entities, or for people who are completely non psychically sensitive, I always recommend pendulums first of all. In the future, I will offer protected and spellcast pendulums on my shop. However, for now, I recommend getting a protected or spellcast pendulum from CH. Many people have issues with CH, but I will say right now every tool I have gotten from them has been expertly protected from interference from unbounds- this is something they are very well practiced in.

Pendulums are easy to use, and you can easily make a pendulum chart with a note card and a pen, or just look one up on the internet for free. Tarot and Runes are also a great way to communicate, although they require more study and practice to truly get skilled at them. These methods work for anyone regardless of how psychically insensitive you think you are.

I do not recommend third party applications such as Phasma either. I have run Phasma myself many times for hours, and when run with a firewall active, there is no output. This leads me to believe that Phasma is using an internet server to get words and images to output, rather than using any kind of spiritual detection.

I realize that it is extremely hard to not be able to see, touch, and talk to your beloved partners, but it can hurt you much much more to be told untrue things and believe in them. If there was an easy way to communicate with entities and spirits... we would all be doing it, but sadly, it just takes meditation and practice. Many, many hours of practice.

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