Platinum Dragons 

White Arts Only

From Very High up Draconic Realms 

Thought to be very rare, more and more of these dragons are stepping forward to gain human companionship every day. They are intense white light entities, and can help you with almost anything as long as your motives are pure. They are very skilled at opening your third eye and can take you on astral journeys almost anywhere, as they can change their vibrational level at will­ though they choose not to go to many darker places. A great companion for energy healers due to the purity of the energy they provide, they can cleanse away impurities in your chakras or energy field if you ask. Platinums tend to be more strict and expect a lot of their keepers. They are honest and if you are being lazy or not putting forth effort towards something you want, for example learning to astral project, they will tell you so­, so please be aware of this before welcoming one home.

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