Pearlscale Dragons 

White Arts Only 

From Very High up Draconic Realms 

Pearlscale dragons are incredible healers and white arts practitioners. They are named for their appearance, varying shades of pearl and mother of pearl. They live in higher dragon realms, for years completely cut off from humans, few had even seen them and those that had were chosen carefully. It took some persuading to get them to agree to come forth in such a capacity, for human companionship but as soon as one stepped forward, another, then another did. They are generous, kind, wise dragons and they feel incredibly loving and motherly (Or fatherly, as the case may be). Pearlscale dragons do have a slightly darker range of color, those who are darker in color are usually designated to be the protectors of the group, as Pearlscale dragons are traditionally not very skilled in combat. They are a peaceful race, nearly pacifist, and one of the purest creatures I have ever seen. One of the privileges of being a keeper of a pearlscale is that you will get to accompany them astrally to their realm. It is one of the most stunning dragon realms I have ever seen, their homes are like castles and caves made of baroque pearl spires and shell-­like exterior coatings. You will see some outstanding things with them, and be blessed with experiences most humans will never know. If you have any ill intent or ill will, these dragons will not work with you or go to you. They will go to those on a darker path but do not expect them to encourage you, and do not make requests of them that are ill willed or selfish. Requests that are selfless and altruistic, such as wishes for happiness, guidance, or healing for yourself and others, are most likely to be well received with the pearlscales.

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