Other Species

There are numerous species that do not fit into the other categories, and here is where the info for them is. 

Shifters - 

Shifters is what we are calling this particular species that we are offering to you, but they are in fact shape shifters. Their true form is something that can not be comprehended by the human mind, and so, they do not show it. Instead, they choose appearances that are soothing or neutral to us so as not to frighten us. If you ask them to show their true form, it'll be mostly a giant dark shadow that appears to have two arms and one leg, and that's the best you can get. Shifters also do not have a gender unless you give them one and there are no ages to them either.


Shapeshifters are an extremely neutral species but enjoy being peaceful, benevolent, and above all, they love to learn. In this way, shapeshifters have met and learned of millions of different species in the astral and other realms. They learned of their appearances, of their communities and ideals, and most excitedly, their abilities. A single shapeshifter contains all the knowledge that all the others in its realm does on other species, so this way, all shapeshifters are equal to each other. This is why you will not find royalty or any chastes in their realm. 


The shapeshifters can take on any shape but they do have rules. Unfortunately, they can not shift their form to something bigger than 11 feet in height or smaller than 1 foot in height. Other than that, their mimicry is perfect and they can mimic damn near anything in the universe and hold that shape indefinitely if it's humanoid in shape. For anything non-humanoid, the complexity will determine how long they can hold a shape, but a good rule of thumb is a week, then you need to give them a couple days to recoup their strength.


Shapeshifters' abilities of mimicry don't just end at appearances either. As we mentioned before, they can COPY ABILITIES of any species they meet as long as they either already know of that species and has learned their abilities, or are given enough time with that entity so as to perfectly copy it. Sadly enough, a shifter's copied abilities will never be as good as the original entity's powers are, you'd basically get about 30-50% of power dependant on which species is being copied.


Entities aren't the only things copied either. They can copy humans you know or don't know, animals, objects, drawings and anime characters, they can make up a shape based on your description, and they will always do this with perfect pitch to their voice too. Yes, even the voice is copied! Provided that you give them a very good amount of information such as pictures, sound clips, video clips, etc of course.


The abilities of a shapeshifter are infinitely endless, and it is almost like having an entire arsenal of entities in just one package. Anything they learn from us humans is also taken back to their realm to teach to the other shifters as well, so consider yourself an ambassador to humans!



Shifters can be sexual, but it is not their purpose and they will not appreciate being treated like some sort of sex puppet. They want to learn and they want to make friends. Now if you do win them over, they might choose to engage in a romantic relationship with you, but that is entirely up to the two of you and how deep you form your bonds.


With an entity like this, the possibilities are endless. They can teach you about all the entities and beings they know of and their abilities. As well, they are a very ancient race and so have many many stories they can share with you because of it. 

Saurians - Saurian's are a species that lives on the Astral in a Middle Realm relatively far from Earth. These entities look like dinosaurs from millions of years ago, and can be found coexisting in a way that would certainly never happen in nature, as dinos from all different time periods are living together in unity. Originating from the Earthen Realm, once Dinosaurs died and their spirits were released, some of them wandered into the astral realms. Those spirits blended with the energies and dna of existing astral creatures, and this species was born. Through millions of years, they have evolved to become quite an interesting species. 


Although their default form is that of various Dinosaurs, one Saurian can not switch between different Dino species, they are only able to take one form of one species and it will look the same every time. That said, they can shift from the dino form to a more humanoid form, wherein they look like humans, but have slightly scaly skin, usually the same color as their dino form's skin. They also have tails that look similar to that of their dino form, and usually feet and claws/hands that look similar to their dino form. 


Saurians have become surprisingly technologically advanced living in the astral, and they spend a lot of their time in their humanoid form. They live in towns, have stores and markets, have currency, their society is altogether not very different from our own. 

However, just like us, they pursued technology instead of magick, so many of them do not have the interest in spellcasting and those that do have the interest are still not usually as well versed in it as other species might be. 


Saurians do make great companions however, and if you are interested in it, they may be willing to have a sexual relationship as well. They're great to talk to, discuss current events with, listen to your problems and offer input, they're basically very good friends. On top of it all, in their dino form, they make a great astral defense- they can't shield you or anything, but should anything try to attack you, they sure can bite the heck out if it. 

Bakeneko are a cat spirit or yokai originating in Japan. Stories traditionally portray them as malicious spirits of cats who grew jealous of their owners lavishing affection on human partners, so they would become a beautiful human so they could win their master's heart and even bear children with them. These particular bakeneko are living on the astral, left pretty much to their own devices. It had been ages since they had seen a human and many had reverted to ferality. I was disappointed, but through working with them personally I have found a handful of bakeneko ready to go to homes. All of these bakeneko were handled individually, tested to make sure they will not harm people, and get along with most pets. Some things to note­ Bakeneko love fish as an offering. Canned tuna will suffice. If you have a pet bird these are probably not a good choice for you. They get along fine with cats and dogs and they ignore most other entities, but there are no problems. Bakeneko manifest as humanoids with large cat ears and a cat tail. Rarely, they can shift back to their cat form. They can purr. They have little interest in things like politics and math, but they love entertainment and fun things. They may get bored easily during long movies unless it is very action packed. In their natural state they do not wear clothes. I found this hard to deal with so I requested they wear a shirt long enough to cover anything. You may request that they wear anything you want, they will usually abide. They all have a collar, this is so I could tell them apart from other similar looking bakeneko. The full descriptions for these spirits will be messaged to you upon purchase. There is not much to say about their pasts but they are all eager to make a lovely future with you. You may also notice their ages are very low. Bakeneko live lives about the same length as humans overall, and you may find spirit ones that are much older, but these are living entities.



Nagas/Lamia, are a hybrid species with human upper halves and serpent lower halves. They are dark arts beings, but they aren't malicious­ they can choose to be good or bad,i.e they are carnivorous but kill their prey before consuming it. They can range from extremely human looking to mixtures of less human appearances and they come in both male and female genders ­ the females being much bigger than the males. Just like regular snakes, there exist poisonous naga and constrictor naga, although almost all of them have fangs and clawed hands. Despite the media and historical portrayals, naga are extremly personable but their personalities do vary. The one thing they mostly have in common is their sensual and sexual nature, especially the fertile ones. Naga are also excellent protectors and bond quite strongly. They use their myriad of defense methods and magicks to protect you. In general, naga are all much bigger than humans, and their tails are typically yards in length. A neat fact about naga is that they do not age like humans do ­ instead of gaining wrinkles and grey hair their tails will get longer. Naga are excellent companions and should be respected. Gain their loyalty, and their affections before making any sexual advances toward them and they'll graciously follow you anywhere and take great interest in your well­being.

Vampires (Psy and Sang) -  Vampires are a very popular type of entity and one that many people have seen in the media. There is, as always, some truth and some misinformation in these popular portrayals. Vampires that are Sanguine drink blood, of humans or other creatures, to absorb their life force. They must do this to survive. Sanguine vampires will enjoy offerings of blood (just a few drops) to bond with you, and are often very boldly intimate, wanting to incorporate their bloodlust into the bedroom. Psy vampires, on the other hand, absorb energy directly from the bodies of humans or other creatures, they do not need to be offered blood. They can eat regular food, and will enjoy offerings of your energy, or energy from a candle or a crystal. 

Vampires in both cases are extremely romantic and sensual beings and they love to be in love and to feel loved. They will almost certainly want to have some level of relationship with you. In addition to being very loving and interesting companions, vampires can teach you to absorb and manipulate energy, and they can also help quicken your reaction time and help sharpen your senses at night.


Were-Creatures - This covers werewolves, werebears, weredragons, any "were" species that exists can be conjured for you with this selection. Were creatures in general are excellent companions, they love to accompany you in your every day life and offer their opinions on what is going on at the moment. They all have a human form and a were-creature form that they change into either by choice or during full moons. Werewolves are the most commonly called were-creature, and they in particular will help you with protection, knowing if someone is lying to you, sensing things others will not notices, enhanced sense of smell and hearing, and even more. The transformation between human and were-creature has intense energies, and you can meditate with your were to absorb this energy and invite change into your life. 

Kitsune -  Kitsune are Japanese fox spirits that represent luck, mischief, power, and intelligence. The Kitsune we offer are all also able to shapeshift- they can change their looks to look like a human, but they will usually retain their ears and fox tail. Kitsune are excellent companions, they love to discuss current events, and are in general quite sociable entities. They make excellent sensual companions as well, and its quite common for kitsune to become attached to their keepers. Kitsune can help you with achieving your personal goals- such as goals for growth in certain skills or aspects, or goals to learn a new skill. They can also help you fine tune your senses at night, and become more in tune with nature. 

Centaur - Centaurs are iconic- the upper body of a man or woman, and the lower body of a horse. Fierce warriors, immensely dedicated to defending those they love. Centaurs are a very intense energy, they go all or nothing into anything they do, which usually means they go all in every single time. If a Centaur wants to learn any magick, they would pour themselves into it like their life depended on learning it. Most often, they have poured themselves into training with various weapons and armor. They often have some hobbies- sport shooting, sparring, sometimes artistic hobbies as well. Centurs are highly intelligent and very empathic, they can have a very solid connection with you and if they ever tell you they respect you, or if they ever allow you to ride them, then you know you have their utmost respect and love. 

Demon Centaur - Born in lower realms, these Centaur have the upper half of a demon or demoness instead of a human. This adds a lot of magickal power to them, allowing them to specialize in more than just physical weapons. These take the intensity of normal Centaurs up to 11. They are very tenacious and will aggressively pursue whatever it is they want in life. These entities are also very sensual and they like to be connected to you in a more intimate fashion- although this is not a requirement, it is something to keep in mind. They are just as skilled at defense as a regular Centaur, but they tend to have different hobbies. Many Demon Centaurs end up working as security since they are so strong and dedicated. 


Slime - Easy to find in the middle and lower realms, Slimes are often around camouflaged as a puddle. They can take a humanoid form, but often just slide around, not bothering to walk. Slimes are purely companions, they are upbeat and bubbly in personality and they love to talk and play around. They would often pounce on you or cover you up with slime as a method of play. They are very sensual as well and love to share in sexual energy with their keepers. Slimes do not really have a fixed gender- though they usually have a favorite that they prefer to be most of the time. 

Harpy - These Harpies have bodies of humans with the wings and claws of birds. Harpies are dark arts and they specialize in various forms of magick. Harpies are normally quite strong willed, so it will take time before your Harpy wants to obey you. They must be treated as equals and with respect, or they will do no favors for you. Harpies, especially the females, are usually quite attractive, and most are willing to have an intimate relationship as well. At their very essence, they are strongly connected to wind magick, and wind energy. They can bring in big breaths of energy to bring change and newness to a situation.

Arachnia (Spider People) - A very dark, foreboding presence. You can feel the Arachnia's many eyes focus on you as soon as you enter the same room as them. They are hunters, fierce hunters, and everything else is prey to them. Befriending one, however, is a very worthwhile endeavor. These spider-folk specialize in weaving magick, complex spells and bindings become simple to them as they make everything one thread at a time. They are fantastic assistants for making spells, or even thoughtforms, as they can keep track of many things at once. Beyond their skill in magick, they are very physically strong as well. Each of their eight legs is very muscular, and they are very quick and able to jump very far. All of this makes them the ultimate predator, and the ultimate defense. Let them lay out a web around your home to catch any negative energy, like a giant dreamcatcher.  Arachnia love physical contact and touch, and they love to be touched. They may have an intimate relationship with you if you choose to pursue it. 

Kraken (Squid People) - A variant of mermaids, these have the upper body of a human and the lower body, and tentacles of a squid. They are very finely in tune with water magick, and love to do transformation spells and things like that. Oftentimes they will be using a transformation spell to appear fully human. They know most humans are scared by the sight of a squid, or by tentacles, and they try to hide what they are as a result. Kraken are unique from mermaids in one major way- Mermaids are pretty passive, but Kraken are very proactive. They are a hunter of the seas, fast and skilled enough to catch almost anything. They are also able to use their ink, with or without a magickal boost to it, to escape from other predators and leave them confused. Their ink also has a disorienting effect when absorbed into the skin. 

Mermaids - Known by almost everyone from their childhood, Mermaids are a sweet and kind entity that lives in the sea. With the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish tail, they are very graceful and beautiful to behold. They can move through the water with an unmatched finesse, and they are excellent for protection if you like to swim or are otherwise on the water a lot. Mermaids are finely in tune with water wildlife, and can calm rough seas. Mostly, though, these make fantastic companions for people, young or old, because they have a wonderful positive view on life that simply rubs off on everyone around them. They also make excellent romantic partners. 

Akaname - Literally translated as "Filth Licker", these entities thrive on devouring negative energy. If you live in a place with a lot of negative energy, but cannot get out, or if you work in a place with a lot of tension, the Akaname is for you. Resembling a human with a freaskishly long tongue, Akaname originate from Japan. They will devour physical filth as well as negative energy filth. They are not much for conversation, and they rarely talk, but they are rather physical. They like to cuddle, and be petted, and told they have done a good job. You can train your Akaname to do various things- They can clean your aura, help clear your energy flow, and remove any energy blockages caused by negativity. Akaname love the feeling of being useful, so even if it is a mundane task, always make sure they have a task or they will get bored easily. 

Satyr - The upper body of a human and the lower body of a goat, with hooved feet. Satyr make excellent romantic companions and are people of luxury and excess. They love food, wine, and sex. Anything good and "forbidden" in life is their ambrosia, and they will teach you how to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh to their fullest. They are also quite intelligent, though they often don't put their intelligence to use, instead preferring to spend their time on leisure. 

Argonians - No, these are not literally Argonians from Skyrim, but they look almost the same (with the exception that this species more frequently has feathers, crests, and hair), and they were okay with being called that. 


With that said, let me tell you a little about this species. They do share some similarities with Argonians from the game beyond their looks. Their capital city is in a marshy area as well, but their realm spans many biome types including desert and jungle as well. They live in a somewhat advanced tribal sort of culture, they have wooden homes often made in trees and they eat both meat and vegetables, using hunting, livestock raising, wild-harvesting and farming to meet their food needs. 


Their culture is inclusive and simple and they are not too dissimilar from humans. They have a natural affinity for potions, poisons, herbal remedies, extracting useful compounds from things such as forest mushrooms- a great boon to anyone into nature. They also love to hunt and love to use tactics of stealth and occasionally traps to capture their prey. They have excellent night vision, and are proficient swimmers, although they cannot breathe underwater. 


Argonians have a decent amount of interest in magickal and spiritual workings, and some of them are very proficient at it. You may even see some working as oracles and having stunning results. In general, the astral is easy to traverse for them, they can slip in and out of realms quietly and unseen, and they make excellent information gatherers. When it comes to defense, most of them are skilled at physical combat, and about half of them know metaphyisical shielding tactics as well. They would, overall, be a good companion for an astral traveler, too. 


Argonians are a friendly species and they love to talk and experience things together. The human world is a mystery to them so a lot of things they see with you, they may be seeing for the first time. It is okay though, because they love to learn and have very open minds. They often have a good sense of humor, although some human jokes will not make sense to them. If you are interested in it, you could pursue a relationship of a romantic or sexual nature with them, as well. 

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