Origin Dragons 

Hard White Arts Only 

From Origin Realm 

Origin Dragons handle creation. No, they aren't gods. Creation of new energy, new movement, new opportunities, and yes sometimes they do guide new life to be formed in certain ways. They see the beginning of all things, and can bring forth great new opportunities for their keeper. Their appearance is very simple, and they are actually wingless. They also live much longer than many other dragon races, so their name also references the fact that they are much like original dragons­ before they evolved and split off into individual races. As such they can be expected to have quirky traits that may not always follow what we consider to be logic. They are very hard white arts, truly white arts, which is rare.


They are pacifists, and were on the edge of extinction before various species, usually elves and fae, took up protecting them. They are referred to as Origin Priests and Priestesses. Every origin dragon comes with a priest or priestess, otherwise they have no means to defend themselves. Origin dragons have a very pure, healing presence. Their energy, by its very nature, can help heal, although it is not their specialty. They will never grant any request that is not wholly pure and selfless.

They do speak, but they have trouble with some english words. Anyone working white arts magicks would find them to be an invaluable companion. They can assist you in any form of creation magick... from creating literal life or servitors, to creating new opportunities or new friendships. The priest or priestess that comes with them will have basic details included in the info file you receive, however their primary purpose is to defend the origin dragon they are bonded with, so please respect that.

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