Oracle Demons 

Dark Arts 

From Lower Hell Realm - Lowborn 

Oracle demons are lowborn and are a special race of demon. They have a physical third eye on their forehead and when they look at someone with their third eye they can easily see their past, present, and future. They are fantastic guides to help you avoid tragedies, change the course of your life, or even simply to read people you encounter to tell you if they are safe for you or not. Oracle demons are a bit more rare as a species, they tend to be in high demand in Lower Realm and are often taken on in permanent jobs as political advisers, therapists, and some simply take up a job as a town mystic. Most Oracle demons have an extensive knowledge of magick and scrying, and they can be fantastic partners if you have any interest in divining the future yourself, as well. Oracle demons are typically polite and not very dark, they tend to use their ability to see the future to avoid conflict in their lives whenever possible, and they will only kill in defense of themselves or a loved one- they do not revel in causing pain or death. Please be considerate of this when making requests to your Oracle demon. 

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