Negation Demons 

Very Dark Arts 

From Negation Realm - Negation Born 

These Demons are born in Negation, the lowest point in the Near Earth Astral Sphere. This is the point where spent energy and spent souls exit the Near Earth Area to return to Origin over time and be recycled. These Demons live and thrive here, as the massive traffic of soul energy fills the area with life. Although the landscape is very lively, it is very different from our own and is mostly colorless. The only things with color are the entities themselves and imported items. Even if you bring a brightly colored item into Negation Realm, the color will slowly seep out of it over time. Negation Demons make excellent defenders, but beware- they have the potential to do serious damage to the soul of anyone they fight against, and their power should not be wielded lightly. These Demons live relatively short lifespans, only a few thousand years at the max, but they are very intelligent, personable, and talented. They live in the company of other Negation Species and Far Depths Species.

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