Lower Realm Standard Demons

Dark Arts

From Lower Hell Realm - Lowborn

Lower realm, a much more civilized version of Hell realm, is where the cream of the crop of demons reside. Even a common demon here is easily as strong as a ranked Hell realm demon, and they are infinitely wiser and often much less violent. However, that does not mean they are less dangerous. 

Any demon keeper must be responsible when dealing with their demon. They do not like to be treated like children, or toys. They are there to do a job- even if that job is simply being your friend or romantic partner- and they do not want to goof off. 

Typically presenting with Wings, Horns, and a tail, these Demons are what most people think of when they envision a Demonic being. 


What can you expect from these demons? Intelligence, culture, and a sense of social belonging. They live in large provinces, which are filled with cities, small towns, tribes, farms, caves, castles, settlements of all sorts. They do foster friendships, and relationships. Their opinions on love and sex are perhaps not as progressive as some would expect, in fact they are very careful about mating when they are fertile, which happens every few years on a cycle not too dissimilar from a human female's menstrual cycle. Lower realm society is very inclusive, racial discrimination is something they don't have to deal with. Shelter, and basic necessities, are provided for them- luxuries are paid for with a form of currency, and much like us they do jobs to earn this currency. They do not take home much money, because so much is provided for them, but they do not really think of it like a tax. 


Lower realm is very serious about law enforcement. Demons can be banished for misbehavior such as fighting, rape, murder, even theft. Once you are banished you may never come back, so their cities are very orderly, because nobody wants to lose contact with their family and friends. They have a different sort of morality than we do, but overall they are very relatable to us. Many of them love to discuss culture, some will debate politics, they are not stupid by any means. They have had to fight through many of the same issues we do, such as environmental hazards, and food shortages, and each province or city comes up with their own way of handling it- so talking to them can be fascinating! 

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