Ivory Dragons

White Arts to Grey Arts

From Higher-Up Draconic Realms 

Ivory Dragons are swift, small, but powerful, and true to their name they appear to be made of pure ivory. They live in upper dragon realms but are not white arts, as they train their whole lives to fight and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Whereas most dragons focus on a metaphysical means of protection, these dragons are almost entirely physical. They train, they wear armor, and they are only two to three times the size of a human. They walk on two feet, most have wings although some have removed them in the interest of increased mobility, and they wear lots of woven leather armor, adornments, and other trinkets. They are very unusual for a dragon species. Most dragons are reserved, quiet, they prefer to avoid conflict. These dragons are fast, quick to make decisions, outspoken, and they do not stand for conflict anywhere. They are interested in human companionship as they say that injustice happens just as much here as elsewhere, and they want to stop that. While they, as with all entities not on our plane, can not necessarily manifest to scare off would be attackers, they are great self defense coaches and can quicken your reaction time, improve your thought processes under pressure, and of course if anything would happen to go for you on the astral, they can whoop some butt. They are fearless and do not care whether you are a light or dark inclined person, they do not need you to hear or see them, they are protectors, warriors to stand guard for those that cannot defend themselves, for any reason.

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