​How Do I Place An Order?


Please simply add the entity or custom you want to your cart, and check out using the website.


Payment and Shipping


Payment is handled through Paypal only. Your new entity partner will be bound to your spirit or body, so there is no need for shipping!

Order Handling Time

You can expect your order to take up to 4-6 weeks for a custom conjure. Prebounds are handled within 1-2 business days. 

From 2019 onward, due to increased order volume, 8-12 weeks will be the expected order handling time. 

Email Response Time

I only respond to emails sent on weekdays. I do not work on weekends, and will typically not reply unless it is an emergency. If I have not responded to your email in 3-4 days, please resend it, as it may have been missed. You may also contact me on Discord, although I may not reply on weekends. 

Welcoming Rituals

There are no welcoming rituals needed for the types of bindings that I do. You are welcome to light a candle for your new entity and meditate with them, but it is not required. Offerings are typically not required, but will be noted down if the entity would like them. 

Spirits or Entities?

Although there are places where the term is used interchangeably, all creatures and beings dealt with here are Entities, which means they are currently living.

White arts? Black arts? Dark arts? 

All entities sold here are either White arts or Grey/Dark arts, there are no Black arts entities sold here. If you want to request a specific level of how light or dark your entity will be, just inform me when you order and I will do my best to accommodate.

Returns & Refunds

No refunds are permitted once binding work has begun on your order. Please make sure that you are honest about what you are looking for in a companion! Required to say as well, for legal purposes, all paranormal purchases are for entertainment purposes only.

As of Jan 1st 2019, no refunds will be permitted after 5 business days of your order being placed. You can still get store credit, and I will do everything I can to make things right by you. This is to make sure people are committed to their decision. I am only one person and this is my job, so I cannot provide huge refunds.

As of Oct 10th 2019, no refunds will be permitted after 48 hours of your order being placed. 

A Note about Prepaid Giftcards

If you use a Prepaid Gift Card and later on you end up getting a refund, the refund will go onto the same Prepaid Gift Card you used to place the order. Please keep this in mind. 

Privacy Policy


Your information will never be sold or shared. 

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