Types of Fae and Nymphs

Astral Fae - These fae exist largely on the astral plane. They can help you with astral projection, and guide you around the astral plane. If you have any worries about getting hurt or lost, they can help you work through those fears.-This fae is white arts only-


Bestow Fae -  These fae are a female-­loving species that love to feed off the energy of humans and treat all females like pampered queens. Through constant work with them, meditative work of at least 2 times a day, you will start to open up your psychic abilities or gain/fine tune the ability that you and your fae have agreed upon. They will only work on one skill at a time, to see how determined you are to put forth your own effort. But once you gain their trust and they see you're loyal to your own cause, they will move blocks and energies and mountains just to see you happy
Star Fae - An intensely loyal fairy, they will bond with you for life and work their hardest to bring all your wishes to fruition. These fae work well in groups and will only do good deeds. Selfish thoughts and desires will not fly with these fairies.. They require a benevolent and caring keeper.-This fae is white arts only-
Forest Fae - Forest fairies are probably what most people think of when they think of a fairy. They live in and around nature and thrive in remote areas. They are great at working nature and earth based magick and helping to connect you to the world around you.-This fae can be light or dark arts-
Healer Fae - This is not a species name, but for those of you looking for a boost in your healing practice such as reiki or energy healing, or for those who are looking for a little bit of self healing, these fae are eager to help. They love working with humans and bringing more healing light into the world.-This fae is white arts only-
Aubres Fae - An exceptionally creative fae, this species loves to inspire. If you are an artist, they may guide your hand to choose different colors and tools, or try a new medium entirely. If you are able to see them, they may even pose for you! And their looks are said to be quite stunning.-This fae is white arts only-
Elemental Fae - Skilled in elemental magick such as wind, fire, water, and earth, elemental fae are very popular among witchcraft practitioners. You can request a specific type if you like, or the fae which resonates most strongly with you will be chosen.-This fae can be light or dark arts-
Black Forest Fae - Very skilled in conjuration and great critical thinkers, if there is any place which is iconic of fae it would be the Black Forest- before humans settled there, at least. Many races of fae and elves were rumored to live there once, and those that carry on in the spirit world are usually quite wise. -This fae can be light or dark arts-
Jetu Fae - Requiring a firm hand, Jetu fae are trained in extremely dark spiritual magick, and know a spell to achieve almost any goal. However, due to the dark nature of these spells you may end up with some bad karma coming your way. They are not averse to even controversial magick, such as necromancy, and they prefer to be in the company of a witchcraft practitioner. -This fae is dark arts only-
Frost Fae- A short-lived fae, usually only reaching 100 years of age, these fae love life and everything in it. They are usually very fair complected and of course, rather small. They live in the frosts, not necessarily winter, but frost specifically. They love to dance on frost-tipped branches and make the berries dance in the wind. These fae are WA, and make excellent companions. 
Warm-Winds Fae-  An interesting species of fae that migrates around the world with warm fronts of air, bringing about the change of seasons. This species is also relatively short lived, living til 30-50 human years of age. These fae are delightful, loving partners who will accompany you even as a spirit once they have passed on. People who love summer, sunflowers, swimming, fishing, and other activities will love these fae. They have a sunny attitude and are usually a little on the heavy side. These fae are WA and make excellent companions. 
Venom Fae- Dealing in poisons, potions, and all things horrible these fae have spicy attitudes and love to plot. They'll be a great companion for the budding or experienced herbalist and can teach you how to control "venomous" energies as well. They also are great at teaching you to counteract these energies, and can help heal you if you do become ill. They are interesting fae who are often up front about what they want, they are DA, and can be a regular companion or a romantic one. 
Porcelain Fae- Beautiful fae usually under 500 years of age, these fae are named for their appearance. Like porcelain, they feel cool and smooth to the touch. They are very fragile and only move at the joints, like a doll. While some suspect these fae may have originated as some type of servitor that took on a life of its own and found a way to reproduce, these delicate fae most assuredly are alive. They are quiet, soothing partners that love music and love to counteract the regular, oppressive energies of our day to day lives. They make great companions, and are WA. 
Jade Fae- Similar to Porcelain Fae, but with no joints, these fae look like living, moving jade dolls. They are always under two feet tall, and even their hair appears to be carved. These fae embody the very spirit of the Jade stone itself, helping you to access non-physical realms, and being incredibly protective and healing. These fae have wonderful personalities, are WA, and make great companions. 



Celestial Nymphs - These nymphs dwell in the stars and the sky, best at spiritual guidance, divining the future, and astral projection. A great partner for a spirit keeper, as they will help you open your third eye. Often light blue skinned and white or platinum haired these nymphs are a sight to behold and they are very touchy-feely and physical. They love cuddling and their favorite offerings are incense, candles, and rock-candy type sweets. 


Land Nymphs - These nymphs reside in mountains, valleys, deserts, plains, anywhere rocky or sandy. They have an intense connection to earth magick and earth energies and they love crystals and geodes. A more romantic and introverted type of nymph they can tend to be a little shy. They often have sandy colored skin with moss colored hair. Any type of crystal works as an offering, they also like sand and shells. 


Woodland Nymphs - Living in forests and woods of all kinds these are the most well known type of nymph. They are very intensely playful and sexual, physical, almost pushy but if you say no they will listen. They have voracious sexual appetites and they will want sexual offerings. Their energies are also very earth aligned and they love plants and animals of all types. Woodland nymphs love twigs, sticks, wooden incense or resin incense burnt on charcoal for offerings. 


Water Nymphs - Perhaps better known by their other name, Nereids, these are beautiful water spirits that reside in any body of water as small as a fountain or as big as an ocean. They preside over lakes and streams too. Their energy is intensely water based and they can help heal emotional issues and they have a penchant for beauty based spells and glamours. A seductive and sly partner, water nymphs are tender lovers and they revel in drawn out sessions of lovemaking and intimacy. They like water and pearls for offerings

This is just our short list of the fae we have on hand to offer. If you know of another type of fae that you are interested in and we don't have it listed here, please send us an e-mail and we'll let you know what we can do for you concerning that species. We are usually quite able to find them, but sometimes the fae type folks have heard of do not exist to begin with. In such a special case, we are quite ok with doing an open conjuration for you. This entails letting the millions of fae that exist out there, whether we list them or not, come forward to be your companion.

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