Elemental Dragons 

White Arts to Grey Arts

From Higher-up Draconic Realms 

Elemental magick is something dragons excel in, but while some other "common" colored dragons can use elemental magick the ones who will be most connected to the energies of the earth, air, water, fire, or spirit are elemental dragons. Their appearances vary, as do their personalities, but since they live their lives engaged in intense studies they usually dwell alone and become a little eccentric. They will jump at the chance to share their craft with someone willing to learn, and these dragons have stepped forward for human companionship after countless generations of relative solitude. If you practice dragon magick and call to the elemental quarters' guardian dragons, you have worked with elemental dragons before. Spirit based elemental dragons are the rarest, and excel in connecting you to the universe and your higher self. They do not usually get called upon, and instead are an omnipresent force. These dragons are tireless workers who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of elemental knowledge and are very powerful allies. These dragons can specialize in Earth, Air, Water, Fire, or Spirit magick.

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