Eclipse Dragons 

White Arts to Grey Arts

From a separate Eclipse Realm 

The doorway to these Dragons realm is only open in the light of an eclipse.  These dragons are medium sized, 40-90ft from head to tail is the range of adult size, with a few being larger than that. They have two wings, and their main scale color is usually black. The underbelly of these dragons takes on a dusty metallic color, and they often have gold or silver colored manes or tufts of hair. In their natural state, Eclipse Dragons emit the soothing energy of an eclipse. However, they can sit under the sun or moon for 4 human hours and become "charged" with sun or moon energy which will last for up to 3 days or until the energy is used up. During charged states the dragons emit a glowing aura. 

These dragons are very tied into Astrology and know tons of magick related to the planets, moons, and stars. They travel to and from various celestial bodies, gathering energy and harvesting it for use in their own spells, wards, and constructs. They are a very intelligent race, and their talents vary. 

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