Common Dragons

Dragons are one of the most iconic mythical creatures. Almost every culture has some form of dragon in its myths and history, and the dragons in the spirit world are even more varied than our fairy tales. Dragons exist in both solid colors and hybrids, though hybrids are slightly more rare. They have a wide range of personalities and relate very well to humans, almost always being great mediators in tough situations. They love to observe our lives and offer a helping hand whenever they can. The various colors of dragons usually relate to their talents, although there can be a rare exception or two.

White Dragons - White dragons are very skilled in magick of all types, but particularly conjuration and healing. Their strength lies in their knowledge and speed, and their ability to remember very fine details. They are excellent partners if you want to learn about healing or magick, and their presence is very soothing.

Red Dragons - These dragons are insatiable when it comes to treasure. They love gold, gems, and riches and are at their happiest when they have a treasure horde or stash. Red dragons are good at drawing wealth into their owners lives, and also protecting them from those who would seek to rob them. They are very persuasive, and known to have a silver tongue, which they can use to their keepers advantage.

Orange Dragons - A more common hybrid, between red and yellow or red and gold dragons. They can range in appearance from simply orange, to more spotted like a koi fish. They are not only treasure hunters, but skilled magick practitioners, carrying traits of both their parent races.

Yellow Dragons - Usually more of a sandy color than a bright crayon-like yellow, but they are really hardcore. They live most of their lives in isolation, they love dry areas, and are frankly antisocial, making it very rare to bond with them. They're the type that would try to avoid you, but not out of dislike, because they fear attachment, but once they do grow to be attached to someone, they are incredibly fierce guardians. Like, full on combat displays baring teeth and hissing at potential threats while curled around you fierce. They are solidly rooted in earth magick and have some skill in illusion based magick that they use to stay hidden. They frequently appear as "heat waves"such as the type you might see coming off of asphalt in summer, a light distortion that looks like a shimmer or wrinkle in the ground that goes away when you get nearer. Tend to have slightly elongated bodies but not so much that they cease being noticeably western dragons. They quite literally, live under rocks, so they do not know much about technology, but they are smart dragons and will talk with you, just don't expect high class conversations on physics, keep it to common topics.

Green Dragons - Also a very intensely loyal dragon, this race will make your wishes their priority. Able to manipulate all the elements to some degree, green dragons are a magick practitioners best friend. They are good at helping you be more in tune with your third eye, and can also help you develop any empathic abilities you may have. The greens sold here are very empathic, very enjoyable partners. Usually quite scholarly, they'll study all elemental magicks but don't quite have the affinity for it that specific elemental dragons do of course. However greens are very well rounded, quite loyal, and intelligent and witty.

Blue Dragons - Blue dragons are Very bright, happy, fun loving, they tend to laugh at everything even not funny things. A species that does have a blue coloration but while some aquatic dragons are also blue, that doesn't mean they are the same species as a blue dragon, and vice versa. Blue dragons are primarily land dwellers and not well suited to swimming although they do love beaches. They have an uncanny photographic memory, and would be great if you have trouble remembering things, they are also great at illusion based magicks and are sometimes referred to as shapeshifters- they can't actually shift physically, so that's just a testament to their skill. Their detail oriented nature makes them great for practitioners of more intricate ritual magick.

Purple Dragons - Though purple dragons are a hybrid, they have existed so long as a race that they began to take on traits of their own. Very strong in psychic abilities, they can help you with opening your third eye and developing your skills in fortune telling, such as using a pendulum or tarot cards. They are also good at helping you improve at astral projection and energy healing. Their demeanor is very bright and cheery and they make great companion dragons.

Pink Dragons - A hybrid of white and red, or occasionally white and purple, these dragons are slightly rare and have attributes of both their parent races but like the purple dragon, have begun to develop their own traits as well. They love wealth like red dragons, but tend to go more towards gems and other shiny baubles rather than gold and monetary wealth. Like white dragons, they are skilled in healing, but they do not tend to be as strong in conjuration. They also make great companion dragons, as they love to learn every detail about your life and will patiently listen to you talk- just be prepared to listen in kind.

Black Dragons- Cunning, clever, sly, tricky.. These dragons are dark and sometimes temperamental. They are exceptionally good at controlling magick and the elements, but they are usually avoided by other dragon
species due to their darker moral outlook. They also practice darker magicks and do not see the same boundaries as us, so be careful.
They tend to be a bit quicker at granting more selfish desires such as wealth gaining, but despite their dark portrayals they really are enjoyable companions. Their sense of humor is great and they are fun to hang around with, they make great companions and are usually
skilled at astral travel in the lower realms. Their knowledge is formidable and they make a great protective partner for any keeper willing to accept them as they are.

Please note in the special requests
section any personality traits, abilities, or any other thing you can think of to help us add that personal touch to your new dragon companion.

Storm Dragons- Often grey in color, these dragons control the weather. Particularly, bringing storms. Though this may not seem especially useful, it can be great when you just need to make it to the car and are needing a 30 second break in the rain. Ok, the real usefulness is in teaching weather control and manipulation to some degree, and most importantly helping you to harness the power of the weather, a truly fierce and limitless energy, in your spellwork. Other than those small benefits, they are fierce fighters and will protect your family with their life. Extremely loyal, they will even follow your family for generations to come, warding off uninvited darker spirits. They aren't the best for conversation, but they do know quite a bit if you can get them to open up to you.

Ivory Dragons- Ivory Dragons are swift, small, but powerful, and true to their name they appear to be made of pure ivory. They live in upper dragon realms but are not white arts, as they train their whole lives to fight and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Whereas most dragons focus on a metaphysical means of protection, these dragons are almost entirely physical. They train, they wear armor, and they are only two to three times the size of a human. They walk on two feet, most have wings although some have removed them in the interest of increased mobility, and they wear lots of woven leather armor, adornments, and other trinkets. They are very unusual for a dragon species. Most dragons are reserved, quiet, they prefer to avoid conflict. These dragons are fast, quick to make decisions, outspoken, and they do not stand for conflict anywhere. They are interested in human companionship as they say that injustice happens just as much here as elsewhere, and they want to stop that. While they, as with all entities not on our plane, can not necessarily manifest to scare off would be attackers, they are great self defense coaches and can quicken your reaction time, improve your thought processes under pressure, and of course if anything would happen to go for you on the astral, they can whoop some butt. They are fearless and do not care whether you are a light or dark inclined person, they do not need you to hear or see them, they are protectors, warriors to stand guard for those that cannot defend themselves, for any reason.

Armored Dragons- So­ called not because they wear real armor, but because their scales shine like steel plate armor. These dragons are warriors through and though. Pure force, not much in the way of conversation, once they recognize you as their leader they will follow your orders unquestioningly. This can be great for protection but can easily be misused, thus why they are considered dark arts. They are not capable of killing but can bring lots of negative energy and misfortune on your enemies and are excellent protectors, fearless in the face of any enemy. You must have a firm hand with these dragons, they require tasks always and they require detailed tasks. This can be as simple as telling them to keep a perimeter around you and ensure you are safe, but as complex as anything you may require done. Left to their own devices they may do things you do not approve of simply because they thought it would please you. These dragons are warriors and seek your praise and approval when they complete a task successfully. They are no joke and should not be purchased by inexperienced keepers. They work exceptionally well in numbers.

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