Demons and Hybrids

Djinn-Demon hybrids. Unique inhabitants of lower realm, these individuals live in small, secluded sanctuary cities in many provinces around lower realm. Usually the products of a single night of passion between djinn and lower realm demons, they are not permitted into the djinn realm as usually the djinn parent will want to hide their affair and save their social status. Sometimes their demonic parent will stay in their life, but it is not common, as moving to a sanctuary city would require them leaving their job and existing family and friends. 


Raised by the stewards in the sanctuary, they grow up living pretty normal lives. They go to school, have friends, a social life, everything they would normally do... But many crave more. They have a fragile immune system, and cannot travel into large demonic cities for fear of getting sick. However, they can travel nonphysically to our world as much as they like, for without a physical body here, there is no risk of them catching anything. 


They also have a very hard time finding love in the sanctuaries. Due to their own parents abandoning them, many are reluctant to become parents themselves, fearing they'd thrust the same kind of rejection on their children, or worse, raise them poorly since they had no parent to show them how it was done. 


So after wandering around lower realm for weeks myself, I came upon these cities. The leaders were cautious at first, but quickly realized that unlike some of their djinn and demon peers, I did not seek to discriminate against them. In fact, I offered them the opportunity to find human companionship... and maybe love. 

It was an offer that was carefully considered, but eagerly accepted. They don't need to worry about us looking down upon them or scorning them for what they are. In fact many humans have had similar parenting situations to them, so we can relate much better than most of their demonic peers who often have strong home lives. They are excited to build bonds with humans, and know what it is like to be part of a true family. 


So, what kinds of things are demon-djinns good at? This depends heavily on their heritage. Those with neb djinn parentage can take on the abilities of other entities, like a neb djinn. Those with ifrit djinn parentage will be a bit darker, and specialize in love, money, and manipulation. Almost any type of djinn can be found mixed with demonic blood, as the lower realms are a popular stop for many entities looking for a good time in the astral realms. Their demonic side offers abilities such as seduction, persuasion, manipulation, and of course strong defense and an impenetrable will. Also, their morality is very different to ours, much like any other lowborn demon, so please take care in wording your requests. 

It is my hope that many demon-djinn will find their homes, and families, and I am honored to take part in helping them.

Demons - Lower Realm


Lower realm, a much more civilized version of Hell realm, is where the cream of the crop of demons reside. Even a common demon here is easily as strong as a ranked Hell realm demon, and they are infinitely wiser and often much less violent. However, that does not mean they are less dangerous. 

Any demon keeper must be responsible when dealing with their demon. They do not like to be treated like children, or toys. They are there to do a job- even if that job is simply being your friend or romantic partner- and they do not want to goof off. 


What can you expect from these demons? Intelligence, culture, and a sense of social belonging. They live in large provinces, which are filled with cities, small towns, tribes, farms, caves, castles, settlements of all sorts. They do foster friendships, and relationships. Their opinions on love and sex are perhaps not as progressive as some would expect, in fact they are very careful about mating when they are fertile, which happens every few years on a cycle not too dissimilar from a human female's menstrual cycle. Lower realm society is very inclusive, racial discrimination is something they don't have to deal with. Shelter, and basic necessities, are provided for them- luxuries are paid for with a form of currency, and much like us they do jobs to earn this curency. They do not take home much money, because so much is provided for them, but they do not really think of it like a tax. 


Lower realm is very serious about law enforcement. Demons can be banished for misbehavior such as fighting, rape, murder, even theft. Once you are banished you may never come back, so their cities are very orderly, because nobody wants to lose contact with their family and friends. They have a different sort of morality than we do, but overall they are very relatable to us. Many of them love to discuss culture, some will debate politics, they are not stupid by any means. They have had to fight through many of the same issues we do, such as environmental hazards, and food shortages, and each province or city comes up with their own way of handling it- so talking to them can be fascinating! 


Lower realm demons make excellent companions and can be found with a limitless range of talents and specialties. The best matches are created when you are completely honest about what you're looking for, so please include the following information with your order: 

Desired Gender: (If it doesn't matter, thats ok too)

Desired Age range: (You don't need to specify it, but to give you an idea, 20,000 is roughly equivalent to a young adult there)

Desired Talents or Specialties: (Please list as much as you can, this helps me find your ideal match)

Would you like a sexual partner: (This is also important, so please be honest. Some demons like sex with humans, some find the idea repulsive)

Any other details: (Let me know anything else you'd like to include)


Alternatively, you could go with a full open conjure, which will end up with totally random and surprising results! 

Shade Demons -  Shades are a very interesting demonic species, having a basic humanoid form but often with very unnatural skin colors, tails, and very wispy wings. Not typical bat like demon wings, but looking almost as if they are made of seaweed, seemingly drifting along behind them. They typically have colored tattoos all over their body, which detail such things as their city of origin, birth date, and if in the military, rank, accomplishments, and specialties. What makes them unique is they can split off into multiple pieces. One Shade "Core" can have as many as 15 Shades of itself running out and about. The core is the main body of the Shade, destroying this will kill them. However each of the Shades is still a semi corporeal manifestation. It relays information to the core almost instantly, and can be killed with minimal damage to the Core. Shade demons are also incredibly beautiful. Shade demons are very relatable, loving, and romantic. They are welcoming to strangers and very kind and courteous. Even in the face of adversity, they will usually not defy orders given by a superior. They are lovers much more than fighters, and although their stealth would make them excellent assassins, Shade demons very rarely ever kill. If you are looking for information gatherers or leaders you can appoint a Shade. They'll delegate tasks/messages/information to your spirit or entity family, rather than you having to do it one by one on your own. Shades are gender fluid. This means the gender they look like is not always correlated to the equipment they have AND, they can also shift between genders, given some months. So if you have a female shade, and really like her, but wish she was male she can become that. If you make a request for male or female it will be honored all the same, though.

Oracle Demons - Oracle demons are lowborn and are a special race of demon. They have a physical third eye on their forehead and when they look at someone with their third eye they can easily see their past, present, and future. They are fantastic guides to help you avoid tragedies, change the course of your life, or even simply to read people you encounter to tell you if they are safe for you or not. Oracle demons are a bit more rare as a species, they tend to be in high demand in Lower Realm and are often taken on in permanent jobs as political advisers, therapists, and some simply take up a job as a town mystic. Most Oracle demons have an extensive knowledge of magick and scrying, and they can be fantastic partners if you have any interest in divining the future yourself, as well. Oracle demons are typically polite and not very dark, they tend to use their ability to see the future to avoid conflict in their lives whenever possible, and they will only kill in defense of themselves or a loved one- they do not revel in causing pain or death. Please be considerate of this when making requests to your Oracle demon. 

Demons - Hell Realm 

Standard demons- Common, just like a regular human or regular angel, they might have a specialized field of knowledge if their job requires it, but they are mostly laid back, average working folk like me and you, except they live in Hell. Fantastic at defense and offense and a really good time if you like to prank your friends. 
Bestial demons- Named for their appearance, these demons can appear as anything from an anthropomorphic wolf, horse, bear, etc, to a beastly combination of species. They do not often speak english, but are intensely loyal and make the best proactive defense. You will get a detailed description of your beastial demon so you know exactly what to expect when they visit you- that way you are not shocked. 
Winged demons- Much like standard demons, however these have the distinction of being winged. This is not an uncommon trait for demons, and usually denotes heritage from lower realm or from heaven at some point in their family history. It can indicate status, rank, or increased power above other demons. These types tend to hold more prestigious positions, and usually receive better education, so they are pretty smart. 
Shifting demons-
Although the name is somewhat self explanatory, these demons are chaotic and everchanging. They change forms as often as you or I change clothes, probably much faster. They can take human forms and nonhuman forms as well, but they are not very obedient, so beware! They are great seducers and persuaders, and can help you out in the charisma department. 
Sexual demons- Although Succubi and Incubi are in this category, they are not the only species of sexual demons. Succubi and Incubi are not sex toys, or interactive porn stars. Please treat them with respect, just like you would with a human partner. Succubi and Incubi can be loving just as much as they can be sexual, and if you treat them poorly, they can get upset. As long as you are kind though, they make fantastic partners, both for companionship and romance. 

Abyssal Demons - Located in the Abyss, for years I thought these demons would never be safe for human companionship. Through 4 years of working with them, I have finally gotten some safe and stable Abyssals whom I am willing to place with human keepers. 

Abyssal's natural forms are very grotesque, resembling writhing masses of black flesh and bone. However, when dealing with humans, they typically take a human form, sometimes with modifications like horrns, wings, or a tail depending on how they feel. Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, and are used to assuming different forms for different jobs. They are extremely strong warriors, and have unwavering loyalty. They follow orders well, but they require a firm hand when dealing them them. Abyssals do not have morals like we do, and so if you do not want them to harm others you must make it absolutely clear to them. 

The height of Abyssal genetics is the Sentinel. These soldiers are actually test tube babies specifically engineered for strength, intelligence, and abilities. However once you begin to get to know an Abyssal, whether they are a Sentinel or not, you will realize that there is so much more to them than war. They can be fantastic partners and great guards as well. 

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