Demon Dragons 

Dark Arts to Very Dark Arts

From Lower Hell Realm

Demon Dragons, the hellish counterpart to the many white arts dragons I offer, are fearsome, gruesome, often they show mutations they have grafted onto themselves over time to make themselves look more intimidating and show their resistance to pain. Many horns, extra limbs, double sets of wings, multiple sets of eyes, all these are not uncommon on demon dragons. Their appearances vary greatly and you will receive a detailed description of the appearance of your dragon.


So what exactly is a demon dragon? In the simplest terms the name refers to a Hellborn dragon- these dragons, however, can be quite different from actual dragon realm dragons if the first paragraph wasn't enough. Fierce, powerful, majestic creatures wielding intense knowledge of all the dark and black arcane arts. These are not for a beginner whatsoever and you will need intense personal control to make sure you do not accidentally send them, in a fit of emotional turmoil, to do something you do not actually want done. Their morals are worlds away from ours and they take requests seriously. I want to make sure there are no illusions about these dragons. While they are smart, and wonderful companions with many skills they can share they are very dark and very volatile. Have firm house rules and discuss thoroughly what you are and are not okay with.


As far as talents go, the sheer power and ferocity of these dragons is their foremost attribute. They can add immense amounts of energy to any darker magickal working, and indeed can carry out many darker tasks swiftly and accurately. They have no qualms about working with things such as necromancy, conjuring of hellborn creatures and beings, death magick, death energy and essence, energy siphoning, energy stealing, greed based magick and requests... Nothing is off limits with them. Beware karmic kickback if you tell them to do harmful things to others! They do not accept karma for actions taken on your behalf, so should anything happen the weight is on your shoulders and some things cannot be undone.


If you are at all interested in the Hell realms these dragons make excellent guides, and by all means you can have one as a companion and never request that they do anything other than show you around and speak with you- they'd like that perfectly well. But should you choose to make frequent requests, they will likely want offerings as compensation. What each dragon likes is specific to them, but they commonly accept red meat (raw, or rare), real precious metals and gems, sex or sexual energy offerings, and bones or bone charms. If you order a demon dragon please send me a message telling me how dark you are ok with them being and what specifically you are looking for.

There are many demon dragons, but even the lightest, I'd wager, is at least as dark or darker than a black dragon.

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