Dark Crystal Dragons 

Grey Arts to Dark Arts 

From Very High up Draconic Realms and Mid-Range Realms

Dark Crystal Dragons also exist, though they are more rare than the white. Their appearance varies and can range from a smokey quartz look to as black as obsidian. Though they are darker, they do not come close to black arts or even the darkness of a black dragon. They are masters of the arcane, specializing in defensive magick, conjuring, and magick related to any sort of attraction be it money, love, or health related. Dark crystal dragons did not become dark via any kind of wrongdoing. As stated elsewhere, crystal dragons are simply extreme warriors. Dark crystal dragons pursued knowledge of all sorts in an effort to better their combat skills. If you deal with darker spirits, a dark crystal dragon would be excellent to have around to keep them in line. They, like their white arts counterparts, are excellent spiritual mentors and are fearless, accompanying even those on darker paths and not afraid to follow you to darker realms and protect you there as well. These dragons are excellent teachers, confidants, and they can help you look in at yourself and see all your strengths and flaws, from a neutral perspective. Fantastic entities, truly a blessing to be chosen by one, as they will accompany you to ends of the Earth­ and the astral.

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