Djinn-Demon Hybrids

Dark Arts 

From Lower Hell Realm - Lowborn 

Unique inhabitants of lower realm, these individuals live in small, secluded sanctuary cities in many provinces around lower realm. Usually the products of a single night of passion between djinn and lower realm demons, they are not permitted into the djinn realm as usually the djinn parent will want to hide their affair and save their social status. Sometimes their demonic parent will stay in their life, but it is not common, as moving to a sanctuary city would require them leaving their job and existing family and friends. 


Raised by the stewards in the sanctuary, they grow up living pretty normal lives. They go to school, have friends, a social life, everything they would normally do... But many crave more. They have a fragile immune system, and cannot travel into large demonic cities for fear of getting sick. However, they can travel nonphysically to our world as much as they like, for without a physical body here, there is no risk of them catching anything. 


They also have a very hard time finding love in the sanctuaries. Due to their own parents abandoning them, many are reluctant to become parents themselves, fearing they'd thrust the same kind of rejection on their children, or worse, raise them poorly since they had no parent to show them how it was done. 


So after wandering around lower realm for weeks myself, I came upon these cities. The leaders were cautious at first, but quickly realized that unlike some of their djinn and demon peers, I did not seek to discriminate against them. In fact, I offered them the opportunity to find human companionship... and maybe love. 

It was an offer that was carefully considered, but eagerly accepted. They don't need to worry about us looking down upon them or scorning them for what they are. In fact many humans have had similar parenting situations to them, so we can relate much better than most of their demonic peers who often have strong home lives. They are excited to build bonds with humans, and know what it is like to be part of a true family. 


So, what kinds of things are demon-djinns good at? This depends heavily on their heritage. Those with neb djinn parentage can take on the abilities of other entities, like a neb djinn. Those with ifrit djinn parentage will be a bit darker, and specialize in love, money, and manipulation. Almost any type of djinn can be found mixed with demonic blood, as the lower realms are a popular stop for many entities looking for a good time in the astral realms. Their demonic side offers abilities such as seduction, persuasion, manipulation, and of course strong defense and an impenetrable will. Also, their morality is very different to ours, much like any other lowborn demon, so please take care in wording your requests. 

It is my hope that many demon-djinn will find their homes, and families, and I am honored to take part in helping them.

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