Nonhumanoid Creatures of the astral realm.

Gryphon - With the head, front claws, and wings of an eagle and the body and tail of a lion, Gryphons are intimidating to look at and even more intimidating to stare down in a fight. They make excellent protection, and are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. Thought to be the king of all creatures, gryphons can often control some animal species, and you are likely to see more wild animals around you in your day to day life if you have a gryphon, although they will always keep a wide path around you so as not to anger your gryphon. They are excellent for communication with the forest and nature, and make good companions as well due to their high intelligence. 

Gargoyles; you've seen similarly named statues atop of cathedrals and other old architecture, and surprisingly, these statues are not too far off from the truth. Gargoyles are creatures of protection, it is their main and most would say their best feature. In fact, their appearances are grotesque specifically to intimidate and drive off would­be attackers. Gargoyles aren't big on conversation though, they're more like the silent vigilante keeping an eye on you, your home, your loved ones, and your possessions if you so desire. They come in both male and female forms but curiously enough, they do appear to be made of stone. It only looks like stone to us with our human perceptions when in fact, it is a different material, but in keeping with the differences of stones types, their appearances do also come in many different stone types like ruby, granite, white marble, etc. They can range from slightly humanoid, to animalistic, to outright beastly. The "material" their skin looks like does not seem to hold any sort of rank or class, they are a largely equal community where no one is "better" than another. This also does not mean that the color of their skin defines how much 'stronger' they are than another. For example, diamond being the toughest mineral in our realm wouldn't make a diamond gargoyle the strongest (or most valuable) in his/her realm. Despite their personalities, they are all very loyal.Though their personalities are largely business only types, there are still a few more willing to break the mold than others, yet these are harder to find. Do know that when you bring a gargoyle home, you'll definitely have to give them a thorough explanation of what you want from them, what your house rules are, and how you want things done. Gargoyles won't kill folks just because you asked, they are grey in nature but in keeping with our beliefs, they are they are capable of dark deeds to protect the ones they love. They are for protection, not for revenge.

Hellhound/Hellbeast - Hellhounds are Hell-born, massive beastly dogs with large teeth, bulging muscles, and a bad attitude- towards everyone except their keeper. Hellhounds make an excellent defensive entity to have around, and they are excellent lie detectors as well, they can tell when you are being told falsehoods, in real life, or in the astral realm. They are fierce protectors, and they love offerings of meat as well as cuddles and pets. They are incredibly loving despite their appearance. Hellbeasts are like hellhounds, but they can really be a mutated form of almost any animal. Imagine a creature, dial it up to 11, and you have a hellbeast. Hellbeasts are mutations however, so they may surprise you with their traits. Hellbeasts are loyal to anyone who will love them. They will follow orders well, but they are also eager to defend, and so you must tell them to stand by if you do not want them to investigate people that come into your home.

Phoenix - Great, fiery birds that are the everlasting symbol of death and rebirth, Phoenixes can be a powerful magickal aide. Any magick that involves renewing a situation, or welcoming new life into the world, will be bolstered by the presence of a Phoenix. If your Phoenix is particularly fond of you, it may even let you use one of its feathers in a spell, which will lend tremendous fiery power to it. Any work you do with fire or flame can be enhances by a Phoenix. They make wonderful astral guides, and come in various colors as well, typically the color is determined by which realm the Phoenix was born into. 

Unicorns - Gentle, pure steeds, that only bow to those with true intentions. Unicorns are said to appear in front of people and test them to see if the human is worthy of being the Unicorns companion or not. They have also been said to grant wishes if you pass their tests. These Unicorns in particular will not test you, but they will help grant your wishes. They make fantastic protectors and guides for younger people, even children. They are a hard white arts entity and will never do anything harmful to another sentient being. 

Minotaurs - Minotaurs have their own realm and their own society. You can find Minotaur carpenters, craftsmen, farmers, and of course healers, warriors and soldiers. Minotaurs are big, bulky, strong, and they use this to their advantage. They can protect you from many forces, and can repel unwanted spirits or entities. They are quite big,  bigger than humans, and they view us as worthy of protection. Whether you are wanting a minotaur to guard your home or simply be a companion they will certainly be up to the task. 

Cutie Soul Cleaners or Soul Foxes - Cutie Soul Cleaners are small, super cute, entities from Abyss that clean your soul by devouring all the darkness from within it. Appearance wise, they look like a Fennec fox with big ears and a very large, fluffy tail. They can range in colors, from black, to grey, to white, and all of these colors can have variations like colored ear or tailtips. There are even some that are white and blue, or black and green. Their eyes are glassy, and deeply colored- typical colors are Red, Purple, Green, and occasionally Neon Blue. 


These creatures are very affectionate and very loyal. They love to be petted and rubbed, and love to cuddle and snuggle. They are a small creature, only about the size of a 10lb cat, and they love to ride on your shoulders throughout the day to see what you are doing. 


Of course, the primary skill of these cute critters is their ability to consume the darkness out of people's souls. Beware- this can be uncomfortable for the person who's soul is being cleaned, and will often leave them tired for a few days afterwards. They can do this to their keeper, or anyone their keeper asks them to, as long as they have permission. They can also eat negative energy of any kind- If you have a workplace that seems to be full of toxic people, for example, you could task them to eat the darkness and negative energy around you in your workplace and perhaps lighten up the mood a bit. 


One huge bonus is that they are actually great for protection. They're so cute, but when they or their keeper is threatened, they change completely. Their eyes glow, their fur stands on end, huge fangs show in their mouth and their claws lengthen and sharpen, they can also appear to triple in size. They would make a great companion for astral travelers who didn't want to look like they had bodyguards with them, or really a good companion for anyone needing a little support in devouring negative energy, and defense. 

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