Senseless Dragon 

Dark Arts Only 

From Lower Chaos Realm

The only dragon not named for its appearance here, senseless dragons are quite interesting. You can look upon them and see them, rugged scales, dark coloration, eyes with a bright glow of energy, but when they move their form shifts, to smooth, glasslike, or sometimes transparent with just a shadow of energy visible. They are beautiful to behold, and truly a treat to be around. They are quite old, and very wise, especially if you are following a chaotic path, they can be great mentors. They are the darkest of these dragons, but even so do not believe in meaningless death. Rather, they see everything as a balance, which must be kept in check. 
So, what was the senseless dragon named for? Quite simply, what happens when you are around them. I call it drowning sleep. Their energy is intoxicating. First it comes upon you as a haze, a sort of high. Your mind becomes fuzzy, and you have a hard time concentrating. Then you begin falling deeper into meditation than you ever have before- You lose all sense of time, space, even your physical sense of being can slip away. Your mind is empty, quiet, you are there, and all that is is chaos, void, pure energy, pure thought, and yet, you aren't thinking of anything. It is so restful, and so deep, you always end up falling asleep at this point. And when you wake, you are cleansed.. It feels as if you have broken through water, and gasped your first breath of air, filling your lungs with new life. 
It is either a curse or a blessing, but much like with the prism dragon, with care you can train yourself to tolerate this intensity, and use that extremely deep meditative state to train your brain, astral project, or do anything you'd like, really. 
Of course, they can perform tasks as well. Being that they see the world as a balance which they have a hand in keeping, please exercise caution in asking them to do things. They can introduce intense chaos energy to environments, so all the warnings advised in the Fissure dragon's description apply here as well. If you asked them to harm someone, they most likely would not do it, however if in the grand scheme of things, harming them would aide in keeping balance, it may end up happening in a way you do not expect. 

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