Prism Dragon

Hard White Arts 

From Chaos Realm 

A very hard WA dragon, Prism dragons are so named because we cannot visually comprehend their actual appearance, and they appear to be constantly emitting and radiating light much in the way a crystalline prism would do. The light splits off into colored rays, some single colors, some multiple, some even rainbows. It is hard to discern their form but you can request that they "turn down" their energy emissions and then you can see, they are smooth-skinned western-style dragons. 
These dragons are very unique, drawing their energy from chaos, but transmuting it into order. Positive chaos energy is truly unique. When you are exposed to it, which will happen just by them being present, it causes hyperactivity, at first, and a difficult time focusing. If you do not harness the energy at all, your mind will simply go faster, and faster, until you either fall asleep, or lose concentration and break meditation. Now, you might hear that and think, why would anyone want that? Simple. Because with training, you can learn to work with the energy, channel and focus it, and keep yourself in a sustained state of hyper-productivity, bringing inspiration and motivation in waves that you can ride out for days or weeks at a time. 
These dragons, as stated, use their abilities to create order. Aside from what gifts they can give you personally, they can also work on some basic tasks, such as bringing a chaotic situation to resolution, or helping you create a new routine or pattern in your life. If you are someone who loves order and predictability, they can very much help keep your life in order. 

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