Opal Dragon 

White Arts to Grey Arts 

From Chaos Realm 

Opal Dragons are also named for their appearance, or lack thereof. They do not actively emit light or energy, but they are still so chaotic in essence that we cannot really comprehend or assign a color to them. So, they look very similar to an opal. Semi translucent, with flashes of different colors that are quite spectacular. Opal dragons are also white arts, but less so than Prism dragons, they are very easy to get along with and very middle of the road, they are not too exacting and will not shame you if you accidentally make a selfish request, however they will not honor it. 
Opal dragons are similar to Prisms in how their energy can effect you, however it is a much less intense effect. Since the energy comes out more slowly, it will take time to build up in your system. This will mean you will be hit with sudden bursts of inspiration or productivity, simply by having them around. If you meditate with them daily and focus on taking in their energy, you can infuse it into yourself so as to create a constant state of mild productivity, without having to worry about the challenge of a Prism dragon's intensity, and without having to worry as much about prolonged hyperactivity and lack of focus. Also, Opal dragons' slower energy infusion puts less mental strain on you, whereas a Prism dragon is really quite jarring to the average non-chaote. 
Aside from those benefits, Opal dragons can also handle small requests. They, too, focus on creating order, but they will at times invite chaos if they see that it needs to happen. For example, a situation that has stagnated for a very long time may need sheer chaos to break things up, or a situation which is potentially harmful if left alone could use chaos to distract those involved from that issue long enough for it to be resolved, at least partially. These are great partner dragons, and very versatile. 

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