Fissure Dragons 

Grey Arts to Dark Arts 

From Lower Chaos Realm 

Fissure dragons were also named for their appearance. Unlike with light chaos energy, dark chaos energy does take a very physical and easy to see form. Fissure dragons have dark scales that look like cracked rock, and in between those cracks, energy seeps out, like a wicked glow. The color of this glow can change depending on many factors. Fissure dragons do emit energy, a slightly dark chaos energy. They are DA, but on the lighter side of the spectrum. They do not like to harm others, but recognize sometimes it must happen whether in defense of self and loved ones, or in a situation where that person would otherwise cause harm to masses. 
Dark chaos energy is every bit as intense as the light kind, but the effects are massively different. Dark chaos energy focuses more on absolutes than inspiration. It is much more about learning to accept what already is, than creating what you want. Although this energy can certainly be used to do that, pure chaos is unpredictable, such is it's nature. So, you must use considerable caution when attempting to harness their energy. If you absorb it enough, you will notice at first a feeling of hyperactivity, but soon a feeling of immense calm. It is odd how it works, but you simply come to realize that some things are, and some things aren't- and you feel happy enough with that. It is in a sense, a form of enlightenment through darkness. 
These dragons can do tasks too, and will be willing to attempt to set change upon various situations. Do not ever incite chaos when there are people with mental instability in the mix. Chaos, as I mentioned, is unpredictable and if those people are at any risk to harm themselves or others in their normal state, introducing chaos energy can be the tipping point. You must exercise caution with what you ask these dragons to do. They will not harm or attack people merely because you ask them to, there must be a reason, or evidence that that person needs to be stopped. They make outstanding companions and guides around the astral chaos realms. 

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