Armored Dragons 

Grey Arts to Dark Arts 

From Mid-Range Draconic Realms 

So­ called not because they wear real armor, but because their scales shine like steel plate armor. These dragons are warriors through and though. Pure force, not much in the way of conversation, once they recognize you as their leader they will follow your orders unquestioningly. This can be great for protection but can easily be misused, thus why they are considered dark arts. They are not capable of killing but can bring lots of negative energy and misfortune on your enemies and are excellent protectors, fearless in the face of any enemy. You must have a firm hand with these dragons, they require tasks always and they require detailed tasks. This can be as simple as telling them to keep a perimeter around you and ensure you are safe, but as complex as anything you may require done. Left to their own devices they may do things you do not approve of simply because they thought it would please you. These dragons are warriors and seek your praise and approval when they complete a task successfully. They are no joke and should not be purchased by inexperienced keepers. They work exceptionally well in numbers.

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