Abyssal Soulsnare Demons 

Very Dark Arts

From Abyss Realm - Lowborn 

These Demons are born in Abyss and although they are aligned with the Abyssal military they are their own distinct species. In their natural form, these Abyssals appear wispy and ghostly, vaguely humanoid. They are able to shapeshift, though, and do have more humanoid forms. These Demons are named for their ability which is to reach through other entities and grab and ensnare their very Soul. They are extremely effective in combat with legendary stealth and agility on the battlefield. Their personalities are deep and complex and many of them are introverted. They are curious about the human world, and they know very little about it. Their morals and emotions are very different from ours. They live in the company of other Abyssal Species. They are an exceptionally dark species, and tend to be completely apathetic towards death. Since their abilities and magick deals with the rending, subversion, and usage of Souls, these will be too dark for most people. They would be a fantastic companion for anyone dabbling in channeling, death magicks, or necromancy. 

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