Abyssal Sentinels 

Dark Arts

From Abyss Realm - Lowborn 

Sentinels are the purest Abyssal genetics arranged carefully to produce super soldiers. Faster, stronger, smarter, fiercely loyal and impervious to pain, brave even in the face of certain death. Sentinels are bred for war, they are test tube babies, raised by nurse-maid Abyssal stewardesses who take the place of their mother and their teacher for the early years of life. Typically Abyssal genes are heavily hybridized because most Abyssal reproduction happens as a result of conquest- once again, until very recently. Sentinels are refined, carefully planned, manufactured for precision, skill, stealth, and lethality on the field of battle. They're the best Abyss has to offer, perfectly tuned predators, killing machines, given the freedom to explore life and enjoy themselves. They are very intelligent, capable of almost any feat astrally, and they have wonderfully deep, inquisitive personalities. 

Once you begin to get to know an Abyssal, whether they are a Sentinel or not, you will realize that there is so much more to them than war. They can be fantastic partners, surprisingly relatable to us even though their lives are completely different. Sentinels may seem cold at first, or emotionally underdeveloped, because casual socialization was not a part of their daily lives until the past 5 years. 

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