Abyssal Lowborn Demons 

Dark Arts 

From Abyss Realm - Lowborn

These Demons are born in Abyss Realm and live very difficult and conflict filled lives. Many of them have been in the military their whole lives, and many of them are hybridized with other species as well. They have unique traits and surprisingly tender personalities for having lived such hard lives. They are very new to being companions or friends to anyone, although they try their best. Their talents tend to lie in combat, but they are also extremely bright. They are natural shapeshifters, and will typically only show you their humanoid form. They live in the company of other Abyssal Native Species and other Lowborn Demons. 

Abyssal's natural forms are very grotesque, resembling writhing masses of black flesh and bone. However, when dealing with humans, they typically take a human form, sometimes with modifications like horns, wings, or a tail depending on how they feel. Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, and are used to assuming different forms for different jobs. They are extremely strong warriors, and have unwavering loyalty. They follow orders well, but they require a firm hand when dealing with them. Abyssals do not have morals like we do, and so if you do not want them to harm others you must make it absolutely clear to them. 

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